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Autodesk updates Fusion 360 for Mac and Windows

Autodesk packs a punch in new January updates to Fusion 360. The new cloud-based, web-era application is truly platform independent and mobile and cloud oriented to support anywhere, any device access to project data, files and teams.


Autodesk has updated its next-generation MCAD product, Fusion 360. The January update includes new thermal studies and post-processing tools.

The new Thermal stress study tools allow engineers and product designers to see areas of their products and parts more prone to stress caused by change in heat. The thermal properties can be combined with a review of other stresses including static stress loads. Complete feature highlights are below.

Fusion 360 – Other January Update Features

Along wit the new Thermal Simulation tools which present themselves in the simulation workspace in the Studies panel, Fusion 360 features new Simulation Post Processing features. Users now have 3 ways to interrogate the results and get the most out of their studies with the Point Probe, Surface Probe, and Slice Plane features.

01 - Fusion 360 January update gains many new features including Therma studies.

01 – Fusion 360 January update gains many new features including Therma studies.

Modeling updates include Associative Offset. When you create a new offset sketch, it updates when you make changes to the original sketch it was based on. Sketch Midpoints allow users to get access to “midpoints” when adding dimensions and constraints. And users can now freeze T-Splines (recall that Autodesk acquired T-Splines the company several years ago) and then unfreeze them while working in the Sculpt workspace. Finally, you can now insert a DXF file directly into the Sketch environment to work in reference to.

02 - Fusion 360 has slice features that help you study parts in section.

02 – Fusion 360 has Slice Plane features that help you study parts in section.

In terms of data collaboration, 2D measures are now available in the Mobile App, so users can measure items in the field, at the site or on the factory floor. Measure, markup and redline are now available in the 3D web viewer, which enhances collaboration. And commenting on a specific entity has been added from A360 to Fusion 360. Lastly, you can now export 2D DWG drawings directly from the A360 web viewer.

Rendering and materials have improved as you can now show RGB values on materials you have imported, and lastly there are new scene environments available for download.

To learn more and see more images visit the Fusion 360 blog here or simply watch the video below.

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