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3D News: CL3VER Releases new CL3VER 3.3 for PC, Mac and iOS

Innovative cloud-based mobile and web application for visualization in AEC and manufacturing industries just got serious about loss of Internet connection, supplying the market with new, native desktop and iOS apps.


This week Palo Alto, based CL3VER has introduced its latest release of its namesake product, CL3VER 3.3. The cloud-based rendering and visualization company has introduced an important new, offline-oriented, set of apps: for Windows, OS X and iOS.

Sometimes There’s No Internet Connection

While cloud-based application providers are bullish about the “era of connection,” as some have begun calling this new phase of application development, they are also aware that often end-users get off the grid inadvertently and due to troubles at hotels, client locations, and job sites with no Internet.

The major focus of this release is the new apps for the various platforms CL3VER feels are most important in the market. CL3VER 3.3 comes with a brand new “CL3VER App” for Windows, Apple’s OS X or iOS.

01 - The new CL3VER 3.3 comes with free "offline" access oriented apps for Windows, OS X and iOS.

01 – The new CL3VER 3.3 comes with free “offline” access oriented apps for Windows, OS X and iOS.

The app allows end users to store presentations on any compute device which then can be viewed offline later on. The new app is also free to all registered CL3VER users. Once installed, users simply login to their cloud CL3VER accounts and sync up their project data.

Retina Device Support

The CL3VER viewer has been optimized to work natively via mobile on any browser on iOS devices with Apple retina displays (iPad Air or superior), or Android devices using a Mobile browser that supports WebGL.

This new addition means CL3VER presentations on these mobile devices will bump up in visual quality. A video of the new release is available here to watch (below).

Complete release notes can be found here as well.

Architosh Analysis

As good as the Internet can be in certain parts of the world, there are sometimes those moments when access to the Internet breaks down. This can be particularly common in hotels around the world, no matter how much they may boast of quality online access speeds. This latest update takes a “belt and suspenders” approach to addressing access issues to end-user data.

CL3VER is specifically geared towards the mobile presentation and has been since the beginning. The updates for retina display support are also welcome improvements. We think CL3VER has a good future and admire the overall direction the company has been headed in, adding sophisticated new presentation capacities in an easy-to-use application environment.

About CL3VER

CL3VER is an award-winning new cloud-based application platform for interactive 3D presentations for the web or mobile devices. The company is aimed at meeting the emerging needs of AEC and manufacturing industries to engage customers and stakeholders with the power of 3D and the usability of the web.

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  1. RT @architosh: 3D News: CL3VER Releases new CL3VER 3.3 for PC, Mac and iOS: This week Palo Alto, based CL3VER has introdu……

  2. RT @architosh: 3D News: CL3VER Releases new CL3VER 3.3 for PC, Mac and iOS: This week Palo Alto, based CL3VER has introdu……

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