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Onshape Announces App Store Offering Simulation, CAM, Rendering & More

For years, desktop-installed CAD users have not had one central place to find and buy apps, they needed to search multiple application vendor websites to find compatible products. Twenty-four partner companies endorse the Onshape vision to take CAD apps a giant step closer to the Apple App Store®/Google Play™ experience.


Onshape, a Cambridge, MA based mobile CAD company is seeking to modernize the way CAD users find and buy engineering apps. Onshape this week announced the Onshape App Store.

Onshape App Store

Being released in private beta for selected users, the Onshape App Store is an open marketplace offering a wide product selection and a convenient way to browse, try, buy, and use apps for Onshape.

Twenty-four application developers are partnering with Onshape for the private beta launch. The company plans to open the store to the public early next year. All of the partners endorse Onshape’s freemium business model and have either a free version or free trial of their apps.

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“To get their jobs done, engineers need more than just parts, assemblies and drawings,” says Onshape founder Jon Hirschtick. “They need simulation, manufacturing, rendering, and things that we can’t even imagine.”

“Onshape is pioneering a new model for applications in the CAD world by bringing all the benefits that CAD users love about Onshape to the world of CAD applications,” he adds. “For the first time every CAD user is just a few clicks away from every application. It’s easier than ever for users to find apps, and for apps to find users.”

Onshape supports three styles of application integration via Onshape’s API:

  1. Integrated Cloud Apps: Cloud apps that run in their own Tab directly inside of Onshape.
  2. Connected Cloud Apps: Cloud apps that run in their own separate browser windows.
  3. Connected Desktop Apps: Traditional installed software apps that run on Windows and/or Mac OS X with a live connection to Onshape in the cloud.

“Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the widest array of apps possible,” says Dave Corcoran, Vice President of Research & Development. “Onshape users can decide what level of integration and what application pricing and capabilities are right for them.”

01 - For Onshape, partners who develop apps, the Onshape App Store makes it easy to directly market their products to all Onshape customers. All rights reserved.

01 – For Onshape, partners who develop apps, the Onshape App Store makes it easy to directly market their products to all Onshape customers. Image: Onshape. All rights reserved.

“We’re excited by all the early enthusiasm over the Onshape App Store,” he adds. “Many more apps are already in development, and we believe that the app store will increase choice and transparency and empower both users and app developers, just like app stores have already done in other industries.”

The Onshape App Store represents a significant change in the following ways:

  • Freedom of Choice – You can try and compare multiple apps from multiple partners instead of being locked into pre-selected products favored by your reseller.
  • Affordability – All of our partners endorse Onshape’s business model and have some kind of free offering (either a free version or a free trial). Flexible plans include paying per use or paying per month.
  • One-Stop Shopping – All apps are available in one place, with no need to search multiple websites to find what you need or if an app is compatible. For many apps, purchases are automatically charged to your Onshape account.
  • Accessibility – You can directly access best-in-class apps on demand without the hassles of negotiating with your reseller.

The App Store also makes it easy for partners to do business because Onshape handles all the financial transactions, allowing developers to focus on building great apps.

Inaugural developer partners for the Onshape App Store include:

  • SIMULATION: Fidesys, simulationHub, SimScale and SIMSOLID
  • CAM: CNC Software, MecSoft and Geometric
  • RENDERING: Exocortex Technology, Luxion, migenius, Next Limit Technologies, OneRender and SimLab Soft
  • CONTENT: TraceParts and SolidPartners
  • DESIGN: ExactFlat and nPower Software
  • IMPORT/EXPORT: DriveWorks, Pinshape, ProtoTech Solutions and Solveering
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Rusty Shed
  • 3D PRINTING: Materialise, CloudDDM

The Onshape App Store is highly anticipated by Onshape customers.

“To me, the App Store significantly extends the capabilities of Onshape,” says Theo Cerboneschi, co-founder of Inboard Action Sports. “It makes Onshape more powerful and opens a lot more possibilities for me.”

“I’m happy to invest the time testing actual products, but I don’t like wasting time searching for what exists, if it is compatible and where to get it,” adds Peter Schmitt, chief designer at Desktop Metal.“I’m impressed that so many companies are already onboard the Onshape App Store – and I know that everything I find there will definitely work with Onshape.”

Joshua Newth, founder of Droplet Life, says he appreciates that many of the things he values about Onshape are evident in the Onshape App Store as well.

“As a startup, being able to access a simulation tool that doesn’t require a massive workhorse computer or doesn’t require a very expensive license is important to us,” he says. “With Onshape, I like that I can pay $100 a month instead of dropping $6,000 on a seat of CAD up front. I like that the same principle is being applied to engineering apps, that there are flexible payment options if I don’t need a tool everyday for a year.”

“What really resonates with me are the Integrated apps. A cloud-based CAD package that has a cloud-based simulation package is a real win for me,” he adds. “It’s also really appealing that Onshape users can leverage each other’s work. If I write my own app, I can share it with the community in the Onshape App Store and suddenly, we all have a new tool to work with.”

Onshape users can request an invitation to the private beta of the Onshape App Store by visiting Users and developers interested in learning more about the Onshape API and how to get their own products into the Onshape App Store should visit

About Onshape

Onshape is the only company in the world 100% focused on cloud and mobile CAD, offering the first and only professional 3D CAD system that lets everyone on a design team work together using any web browser, phone, or tablet. Breaking away from the traditional model of desktop-installed CAD, Onshape has data management and collaboration built in at its core.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Onshape includes key members of the original SolidWorks team plus elite engineers from the cloud, data security and mobile industries. For more information, visit

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