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NVIDIA Iray Comes to Autodesk Maya—Intros Predictive Capabilities

Autodesk Maya users can create their designs faster and more easily than ever, thanks to their new Iray plug-in for the popular software.


Maya is used by tens of thousands of designers, as well as commercial production companies that service the needs of the design industry. These creatives can experience the Iray for Maya plug-in with unlimited use with a 90-day trial, and can be purchased through their online store for $295 a year as a node-locked or floating license with no processor restrictions.


Iray excels in both rendering and post-production. It accurately predicts the final results of a design, reducing the number of prototypes designers need to produce. With Iray, designers can work interactively, adjusting physically accurate lighting or materials on the fly and getting rapid feedback.

“With Iray, I instantly get a photorealistic feedback instead of waiting for a whole rendering to finish,” said André Masmeier, lead 3D artist at zerone, a high-end digital production studio, in Germany. “That could take a few minutes, depending on quality-settings, or dealing with non-photorealistic, OpenGL-based previews.”

01 - Iray for Maya workspace. Image provided by NVIDIA. All rights reserved.

01 – Iray for Maya workspace. Image provided by NVIDIA. All rights reserved.

Designers who need to switch from one tool to another can still get consistent results thanks to Iray’s Material Definition Language (MDL). It allows physically based materials to be shared between applications, or even with other MDL-compliant renderers.

Also available is the first edition of vMaterials, a free set of digital material offerings verified for accuracy, control and consistency. With vMaterials, designers no longer have to spend time sourcing and creating their own materials.

The Maya plug-in joins the Iray for 3ds Max plug-in that was lunched earlier this month and it seems more are in the works for NVIDIA. The family of Iray plug-ins supports their new distributed rendering solutions—Iray Server—which will be available in beta and is expected to ship early next year.

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