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Tidbits: free use of PunchPro and Visidraft transitioning into Pair

Mac and iOS CAD and 3D News: Today’s tidbits takes a look at PunchPro’s offer of free usage for six months and finds out the added benefits of Visidraft being rebranded as “Pair”.


PunchPro special offer

Punch Software, a provider for industry-leading punch list tools for AEC professionals such as architects, is offering its software app free of charge with no-strings attached for six months. The app was a runner-up in the Architosh 2015 AIA BEST of SHOW awards.

If interested simply contact them at i[email protected] with “6 months free” in the subject line.

 Visidraft is now Pair

Over the last 6 months Visidraft exploded into the Architecture world and took off as the Augmented Reality tool of choice for Architects and Designers. Following their customer’s feedback, it became very clear to them to focus on bringing design and product content to the platform.

This last August, they made the decision to refocus Visidraft to be a platform for products, and rebrand as “Pair”.

Pair ( is now live and has over 250 products from top brands like Herman Miller, OFS, and OpenDesk for you to view in your office or home, share snapshots and video with friends, and purchase from inside the app.

  • Free 40MB per month

Additionally, for previously registered users, the same capabilities they had with Visidraft are still available, only now they get 40MB per month of uploads for free. Username and password work the same on as they did on

Click here to download Pair from the app store now. For existing users you can login at and update name fields and even use an anonymous handle.

  • Pair Maker

The introduction of Pair Maker allows users to share and highlight their designs publicly through Pair, just like with a YouTube video. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

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