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AutoCAD 2016 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2016 for Mac Now Available

The latest release includes key enhancements to create a more “Mac-native” environment for users, including a specialized Mac interface and Mac-specific features. Additionally, Mac AutoCAD users have even greater support in mixed-platform environments with a host of new features.


Autodesk has announced today the availability of Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2016 for Mac and Autodesk® AutoCAD LT® 2016 for Mac. Users will also have full compatibility with the Windows version of AutoCAD and can store and exchange design data with TrustedDWG™ technology.

Here’s what’s new with the 2016 version

Solutions to working within mixed-computing platforms — Autodesk has added tried-and-true favorite functions adapted from the Windows version of AutoCAD to provide uninterrupted collaboration between users on both Windows and Mac platforms.

  • Xref path management – You can now map Xref file paths from your Mac to Windows machines, including networked servers, so sharing drawings back-and-forth between project team members is now easier.
  • Express Tools – They have brought over several of the popular Express Tools from Windows to Mac, so users get the efficiency gains from Express Tools on their Mac and experience less friction when switching between platforms.
  • Features from the Windows version of AutoCAD 2016 – This release includes many of the newest features from the Windows version. Users can now use Revision Clouds, DIM Command Enhancements, Command Preview, and Selection Effects on the Mac platform.

Enhancements to create a “Mac-native” environment – These types of improvements help provide greater ease of use and help boost productivity.

  • Properties Palette – Users can now display the Properties they use most often without having to scroll through the entire properties list.
  • Multi-Lingual User Interface (MUI) – Users can set their language (French or English) in the Mac System Preferences and AutoCAD will follow. There’s now no need for a separate install.
  • Update Notification – Updates are now delivered as small packages that don’t require lengthy downloads or install times.

Performance-improving features – Scores of new features are included in the 2016 release.  Below are a few of the most requested by Mac users.

  • Smaller PDFs with select-and-search capability – PDF output file-size is now greatly reduced, making it easier to share and open. Text in user PDFs is now selectable and searchable.
  • Pan and Zoom – Navigating drawings is now easier because Autodesk sped up and smoothed out panning and zooming.
  • TrueType font enhancements – All TrueType font text is retained in the drawing, so panning and zooming performance is considerably improved.

These and many more enhancements are available with the new release of AutoCAD 2016 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2016 for Mac. Both products are available immediately to most users; however, availability varies by country. To learn more or to download a free trial, visit or

01 - DIMcommand enhancements are part of the new 2016 AutoCAD for Mac release. (image: Autodesk. Inc.)

01 – DIMcommand enhancements are part of the new 2016 AutoCAD for Mac release. (image: Autodesk. Inc.)

AutoCAD 2016 Preview Guide is available for those who wants to get up to speed quickly after upgrading or when considering an upgrade to the new release.

Reader Comments

  1. Have you heard? #AutoCAD 2016 for #MAC is now available

  2. Have you heard? #AutoCAD 2016 for #MAC is now available

  3. AutoCAD 2016 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2016 for Mac is now available

  4. AutoCAD 2016 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2016 for Mac is now available

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