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Three days to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality for free

Orthograph Survey System that runs on the iPad was made for professionals to help them save time while surveying the built environment in a unique way. The 3D BIM concept is an accurate, yet fast and powerful building sketching solution that provides professional features with on-site report and wide range of output formats, including IFC, DXF and Excel.


As the app fills a huge gap in the field of building survey industry, the company has decided to give opportunity to every professional to try OrthoGraph Cloud Pro for free for a period of time.

From today onward, a 3-day trial is available for free to try OrthoGraph‘s full functionality.

What are the main features of the app?

  • complex hierarchical location structure
  • doors and windows with opening directions
  • library of intelligent objects
  • walls with custom thickness and color
  • diagonal measurements

How can you get the free trial account?

Everyone who wants to try OrthoGraph trial has to register on After registration the user will get the free OrthoGraph Cloud Pro subscription for 3 days—starting from the registration—by default. There is no need to enter any kind of payment data.

01 - OrthoGraph is a nativ BIM app by nature.

01 – OrthoGraph is a nativ BIM app by nature.

For using the app, users should download the OrthoGraph Cloud Client application for free from the AppStore. The Cloud Client application is needed to gain access to the trial license.

Once OrthoGraph Cloud Client is downloaded users need to use the Cloud credentials (login and password) to load the free Pro license application. OrthoGraph will run with all features without any limitation whatsoever.

For those who already have an existing cloud registration OrthoGraph Cloud Pro is available for a 7 day trial, starting from October 12, 2015.

For more information and to learn more on how to use the software visit

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  1. Three days to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality for free

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