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Autodesk introduces new Autodesk® Graphic

Autodesk Graphic, formerly known as iDraw*, is a powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Graphic was designed from the beginning to have a beautiful, clean and easy-to-use interface with tools to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create intricate designs quickly and easily on your Mac, and continue working on the go using either the iPad or iPhone versions. Develop resolution- independent illustrations that can be pasted directly into documents, presentations or used together with other Autodesk 3D design software.


Autodesk Adds Graphic to the Consumer and 3D Printing family

Autodesk is proud to announce that iDraw and its vector design and illustration capabilities have been added to the Autodesk Consumer and 3D Printing family of products.

Autodesk Graphic provides the ability to create new designs on the fly or edit existing files away from the office.

Graphic for Autodesk Professional Customers: Sample Workflows

Autodesk Graphic is important to all of Autodesk and benefits all of our users by enabling them to create vector files and add them to 3D models. Users can import vector files into any of our products that accept PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, PSD, AI, and PDF formats (Graphic can export all of those except AI files).


All AEC professionals benefit from Graphic’s ability to create to-scale documents, work with metric and imperial units, easily set and change a canvas scale factor for a design, add automatic dimension lines, and create custom libraries of shapes.

01 - Autodesk Graphic is now also available for the iPhone. All rights reserved.

01 – Autodesk Graphic is now also available for the iPhone. All rights reserved.

Designs can be exported to vector-based PDF and SVG files which can be imported into other applications.


Those in the manufacturing industry have the ability to take a vector diagram and import it as a sketch into Inventor or Fusion 360 to extrude from. It’s also possible to import, edit, and annotate existing schematics.

An automotive manufacturer is easily able to create car concept designs using precise vector drawing tools, while a product designer can create product mockups, illustrations, and print-based designs. Graphic can import and export most commonly used design files – including PDF, SVG Photoshop PSD, AI, and EPS files – allowing you to easily integrate it into an existing design workflow.


Animators will find Graphic helpful for creating assets for media projects and game development. Graphic’s combination of vector drawing tools and Layer FX can be used to create both stylized and realistic art assets which are completely resolution- independent.

It’s also possible to easily create sprite images and spritesheets for games using Graphic’s automatic exporting and slices features. For Mac and iOS development projects, directly export Core Graphics drawing code.

*Autodesk completed the acquisition of iDraw earlier this year. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

What is Autodesk Graphic Per Device


  • A brand new, full-featured iPhone version of Graphic
  • Easily view and edit your designs from anywhere


  • Support for pressure-sensitive, variable-width brush strokes
  • Brush tool: draw with pressure-sensitivity with tablets and Force Touch trackpads
  • Create, save, and reuse custom calligraphic brush stroke styles (brush contour editor)
  • New transform toolbar (adjust selections of objects and numerically edit path points; anchor the resize direction)
  • CMYK PDF, PSD import / export
  • Place SVG, EPS, and AI elements directly into an existing design using drag & drop or ‘File > Place…’
  • Updated for OS X El Capitan


  • Optimized for iOS 9
  • Support for split-screen multitasking with Split View and Slide Over

Powerful Vector Design and Illustration tools

Graphic was designed from the beginning to have a beautiful, clean, and easy to use interface – with the goal of creating a powerful drawing application which takes advantage of the native features in Mac OS X and iOS, and is both fun and rewarding to use.

Vector drawing on all of your OS X and iOS Devices

Designs can be created and shared easily across all devices with iCloud or Dropbox, and you can now create or edit designs from anywhere using the new full-featured iPhone version.

The power and toolset of the desktop application is maintained and optimized for touch in both the iPad and iPhone versions.

Introducing variable-width brush strokes optimized for Force touch and Wacom® tablets

The Mac version of Graphic introduces an enhanced brush tool with support for pressure sensitive strokes from either a Force Touch trackpad or Wacom® pressure sensitive tablet input device.

02 - Enhanced brush tool with pressure sensitive strokes and brush contour editor demonstrated in the Bicyclist. Image by Autodesk Graphic. All rights reserved.

02 – Enhanced brush tool with pressure sensitive strokes and brush contour editor demonstrated in the Bicyclist. Image by Autodesk Graphic. All rights reserved.

Use the new brush contour editor to adjust a brushstroke’s shape – and create, save, and reuse custom brushstroke styles.

To learn more about the new Autodesk Graphic visit here.

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  1. Autodesk introduces new Autodesk® Graphic | @Architosh

  2. Autodesk introduces new Autodesk® Graphic | @Architosh

  3. RT @appleforarch: Autodesk introduces new Autodesk® Graphic | @Architosh

  4. RT @appleforarch: Autodesk introduces new Autodesk® Graphic | @Architosh

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