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ASCON Releases of Renga Architecture 2.1

This latest update, which comes less than two months after the latest release of Renga Architecture, allows users to open projects and create new ones with an added feature of printing drafts. However, files cannot be saved.


ASCON Group, based in St Petersburg, Russia is pleased to announce the 2.1 release of Renga Architecture, the intuitive 3D modeling software for the AEC industry.

ASCON – the developer and integrator of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM software systems – and its team have been hard at work adding new features and could not wait to share Renga Architecture 2.1 with their users.

New features in Renga Architecture 2.1

When selecting visible 3D objects, Renga Architecture now chooses objects with the help of the frame.

For example, when selecting objects like windows and walls on a facade, the objects that lie behind the wall are ignored. As a result, work is much faster than in earlier versions of Renga, and even in in other CAD systems.

01 - Selecting visible objects in 3D view.

01 – Selecting visible objects in 3D view.

Hiding walls in 3D view is another new, useful function with walls no longer visible, work can easily be done on the interior, even showing off inner spaces to customers.

02 - Changing roof parameters in-place.

02 – Changing roof parameters in-place.

Following requests from several Renga users, roof parameters are more flexible with the added feature to change parameters while editing roofs. Previous versions of Renga required to rebuild the edited design when the parameters got changed.

Making the process of creating and editing objects easier in 3D, Cartesian measuring mode has been added. The new mode now lets users measure distances, making construction possible where using distance and angle measure is not possible.

03 - Using X-Y measurement mode.

03 – Using X-Y measurement mode.

04 - Snapping X and Y axes automatically.

04 – Snapping X and Y axes automatically.

Renga Architecture 2.1 also makes 3D models more convenient and precise by snapping two axes together automatically. In addition construction tracking was added to reduce the chance of mistakes.

Renga Architecture works perfectly with the new Windows operating system, including Windows 7, 8.x, or 10. To learn more visit here:

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