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Golf legend Jack Nicklaus’ design firm taps Perfect Parallel’s software tech, available for Mac, Windows and Linux

For the very first time ever…golf gaming on PC is going to take a big leap with course design tools that work across both Mac, Windows and Linux inside the Perfect Golf game by Perfect Parallel. But there is so much more to this story than this…including the incorporation of these tools in the professional course design world at Nicklaus Design

A whispery quiet press release was put out in the fall of 2014 regarding an agreement between Nicklaus Design, famed golf course design firm founded and led by golf icon Jack Nicklaus, and Perfect Parallel, a software development house specializing in the development of technologies for the gaming, broadcast, and professional design industries all centered around the world of golf.

Course Design and Simulation on Mac and Windows

Today Architosh has published in-depth feature on Perfect Parallel and its broad ambitions and truly unique technology stack. The company has developed its own state-of-the-art physics engine specifically for the simulation of the game of golf. Chances are if you watch professional golf on television you may have already seen this technology in action!

Perfect Parallel’s applications and technologies include TerrainForge™, CourseForge™, Broadcast Suite and the Perfect Golf computer game that is currently available on Steam. And powering all of this technology is the company’s proprietary PerfectEngine™. These software tools are available on multiple platforms and available for licensing.

01 - Perfect Parallel's CourseForge software runs inside of the popular Unity game engine environment. (image: Perfect Parallel)

01 – Perfect Parallel’s CourseForge software runs inside of the popular Unity game engine environment. (image: Perfect Parallel)

Each of these applications and technologies work across several domains, from being professional tools in the workflow at Nicklaus Design to being utilized for the production of top-notch golf courses for the company’s gaming studio. Our in-depth feature on Perfect Parallel discusses in detail how these Unity engine-based tools are being used as part of the professional golf course design process at Nicklaus Design.

The Broadcast Suite technologies are utilized for bringing to life simulated and highly detailed virtual golf course flybys and animations during professional tournament play around the world.

Unity and Golf Course Architecture on Mac!

This is not the very first time that amateur golf course architects could design courses on the Apple Mac platform but it is by far the very best situation for such ambitions on any platform. While still in a type of early release on Steam, the eventual role of Perfect Parallel’s CourseForge™ software tools—which run inside the Unity game engine—is that players of Perfect Golf (the game) will be able to design their own golf courses and then play them.

MORE: In-Depth: How Developer ‘Perfect Parallel’ is Changing the Game of Golf

And while this is very exciting news for gamers—on both platforms—who are hungry for top-notch course design tools to go along with their golf gaming fun, this development is just scratching the story. To read all about it, click here to read the full feature article. (see, Architosh, “In-Depth: How Developer ‘Perfect Parallel’ is Changing the Game of Golf,” 16 Sep 2015).

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