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ZWCAD+ Chosen by HomeKoncept for its Efficient Functionality

ZWCAD Designs’ flagship product, ZWCAD+ has been chosen by HomeKoncept, a Polish company that specializes in house projects, to further improve the company’s design efficiency and productivity.


Guangzhou, China, August 2015 – ZWCAD Design, a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, glad to announce that its flagship product ZWCAD+ has been chosen by HomeKoncept, a Polish company which specializes in house project.

Adopting ZWCAD+ will further improve design efficiency

HomeKoncept, with extensive experience in architecture, offers ready-made designs of modern houses for people looking for original solutions and innovative ideas. HomeKoncept strives to make projects of houses which are universal and timeless to meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors.

Why Choose ZWCAD+ Over Other CAD Program

Most architecture work the company engages in tends to be house projects and applies ZWCAD+ to efficiently design buildings, using all the necessary and required features.

01 - ZWCAD+ is a cost effective CAD program with friendly user interface

01 – ZWCAD+ is a cost effective CAD program with friendly user interface

ZWCAD+ really helps to prepare detailed drawings and instructions for builders.

ZWCAD+ Works Seamlessly with Existing Tools

ZWCAD+ works very fast and efficient with the existing tools and software in HomeKoncept which, to some degree, largely improves productivity. It also eliminates unnecessary work and errors while preparing detailed CAD drawings. The company previously frustrated by high price of proficient software, the introduction of professional ZWCAD+ solves the problem and really eases the budget. Last but not the least, ZWCAD Poland partner Szansa provides fast, professional and reliable service to its customers.


SZANSA was founded in 2000. In 2005, it signed a contract with ZWCAD Design, the manufacturer of the software program ZWCAD+ 2015, and became an Authorized Representative in Poland. SZANSA operates in the booming IT industry with a particular emphasis on professional software for computer-aided design. SZANSA won the Top Builder award in Poland for four consecutive years. For more information about SZANSA, please visit

About ZWCAD Design

ZWCAD Design Co., Ltd. is an international CAD software provider through its network of over 300 partners in 80+ countries and regions. Its product ZWCAD+ is used by CAD designers across the AEC and MCAD industries.

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