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Autodesk Launches Design Academy iTunes U Courses

Design Academy shows students the limitless possibilities of 3D design with Design Academy iTunes U courses and Multi-Touch books to provide schools with interactive projects that advance 21st Century skill development.


Autodesk Design Academy will be offering iTunes U courses come fall 2015.

The Design Academy provides hundreds of standards-aligned class projects to support design-based disciplines, while using Autodesk’s 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. In addition, the Autodesk Design Academy Multi-Touch book, which includes Autodesk SketchBook Express, will be offered. 

Autodesk®Fusion 360™

For the fall semester Fusion 360 will have its own dedicated course. The Design Academy now offers iTunes U course material for design and technology subjects. Design Academy iTunes U course material is supported by Autodesk® Fusion 360™, which brings CAD, CAM and CAE together in the cloud while enabling student collaboration. iTunes U courses offer in-depth explorations of how design works in industry and are comprised of multiple projects and additional course material, along with lecture tools for teachers and more.

Autodesk®SketchBook® Express

SketchBook Express is to help students bring digital art and concept sketching to life in a digital environment that has the feel of a physical sketchpad.

01 - Autodesk SketchBook Express.

01 – Autodesk SketchBook Express.

This Multi-Touch book provides a compelling way for students to explore digital art and design with access highlighting, bookmarking, search, accessibility features and much more.

Autodesk Design Academy learning content is now available on iTunes U.

About Autodesk

Autodesk Design Academy helps educators unlock student creativity by granting free access to projects and courses that introduce students to new technologies and practices in 3D design. Each Design Academy project asks students to use Design Thinking and software skills to make innovative designs that have an impact on people’s lives. Authored by leading architects, engineers, artists, and animators, every one of our projects and courses delivers measurable results aligned with academic and industry standards. Our free learning resources, combined with Autodesk’s commitment to providing free educational software worldwide, gives educators the full toolset they need to free their students’ imaginations through design.

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