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Mac 3D News: KeyShot 6 Feature Preview

A special sneak peek and the first look at a few of the features coming to the new release of KeyShot 6! Eight new features to give you a taste of what’s in store. What’s your favorite?


May 2015 – KeyShot 6 is the simplicity of 3D Rendering and Animation.

For a limited period only those who purchase KeyShot 5 can upgrade to KeyShot 6 for free and can also subscribe to be the first notified when it’s released.

The preview contains new features such as:

  • Interior lighting mode
  • Materials on labels
  • Material graph
  • Material animation
  • Geometry splitting
  • Realtime region render
  • Panorama camera animation
  • Shift lens with estimate vertical shift

Watch the KeyShot 6 preview below.

Now that you’ve seen the preview above and know it’s in the works, it’s worth noting that the company has released KeyShot 5.3 with added improvements to make rendering and animation work smoother, implementing feedback from users and adding support for more file types.

Features and Improvements:

  • SolidWorks 2015 SP3 support (Beta importer)
  • Autodesk Alias 2016 support
  • Autodesk Maya 2016 support
  • Various updates and fixes

SolidWorks users on version 2015 SP3 now have support to import their models directly through the File, Open…/Import… menu using the Beta importer option. In addition, KeyShot 5.3 now has direct import support for Autodesk Alias 2016 (*.wire) and Autodesk Maya 2016 (*.ma, *.mb) file formats.

Readers can also visit the KeyShot forum to share their work and ask questions or join in the conversation.

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