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AEC Visualization software Lumion 5.7 is OUT NOW!

Lumion was created to solve difficult problems associated with architectural visualization. Architecture is now changed forever with the availability of quick, high quality images made by software that’s extremely easy to master. And now designs can be viewed on phones, tablets and computers.


June, 2015 – Lumion Architectural Visualization Software has released Lumion 5.7 with the most spectacular new functionality, the launch of where users can share their architectural designs with anyone. It is now simple and fast to get any projects online and view them via the internet.

A few easy steps

  • Open Lumion 5.7
  • Import your model and build your Lumion scene
  • Click on the new MyLumion mode and create viewpoints
  • Render your project to the cloud
  • Get an email with a unique weblink to your project
  • Forward the link to anyone you want!
  • View your project via internet

By going beyond traditional visualizations with reliable, portable and quick interactive rendering, with a press of button anyone in the world can take a look inside your design interactively.

01 - View your designs on phones, tablets and computers

01 – View your designs on phones, tablets and computers

02 - Lumion Projects

02 – Lumion Projects

What is also great about Lumion that user-wannabes don’t have to learn anything to get started.

How it works

Models can be imported from Revit, Sketchup and many other CAD packages and different materials such as trees, people, cars, weather and anything else to express the intention of the design. By selecting several viewpoints in the model people can experience more how the design will feel once it’s built. With all the desired viewpoints in place rendering the model can be done with a single touch of a render button. Lumion can quickly render many images and combine them into 360 panoramas. Click here to watch MyLumion video.

03 - Think of Lumion asGoogle® Streetview® for your own building designs.

03 – Think of Lumion asGoogle® Streetview® for your own building designs. offers the possibility to share your projects with anyone in the world on any kind of device: phones, tablets and computers when projects uploaded to the cloud. The Beta version of is included in Lumion 5.7. Users of Lumion 5 will automatically receive their upgrade email in the next day or so.

Please note that is currently released as Beta technology, which means that it is still in the testing phase of development. Enjoy!

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