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SmithMicro Software launches Anime Studio 11 series apps

SmithMicro Software introduces all new Anime Studio Pro 11 with powerful new professional animation features for anime action. Improved Adobe Photoshop integration, frame-by-frame animation options and layer referencing are key big new features.


SmithMicro Software has this week launched Anime Studio Pro 11, a major update to its award-winning anime software package. The new version includes major new features and capabilities that will appeal to serious animators.

New in Version 11

Highlights of the new features included in version 11 include Frame-by-Frame animation capabilities in addition to the revolutionary Smart Bone system. Now you can choose either method to suit your workflow or style preference or use a combination of both.

There is a new Layer Referencing system that allows the animator to duplicate layers while maintaining a connection to the original layer. This helps animators who are collaborating to work simultaneously while easily updating changes into respective stages of the pipeline. And finally there is a new Animated Shape Order function that makes it easy to change the layer order of shapes within a single vector layer over time, eliminating the need for multiple layers.

Key Features Listed:

  • Anime Studio Pro 11 is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to traditional animation
  • New authentic frame-by-frame animation
  • New Layer Referencing system
  • New Animated Shape Ordering capability
  • Intuitive animation timeline simplifies complex animation tasks
  • Revolutionary Smart Bones™ system sets up bones as control dials
  • Import layered PSD files exported from Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio
  • Work with vector based art at maximum control and scalability
  • FBX support allows fast easy import to Unity™ game engine
  • Edit motion curves directly instead of relying on tweening
  • Import or record audio and automatically lip-synch to characters
  • Wacom Multi-touch support

Other new features include new Tools and Brushes to provide artists with more control, ability to merge strokes, and blend stroke colors with the new Color Points tool. The new Color Points tool allows you to create a gradient-type fill for the objects, based on the point positions.

01 - Anime Studio Pro 11 by SmithMicro Software is the next pro animation tool cartoon character animation production.

01 – Anime Studio Pro 11 by SmithMicro Software is the next pro animation tool cartoon character animation production. The program runs on Mac OS X and Windows.

Version 11 also has new improved Adobe Photoshop support. Now, new PDS layers will be applied into Anime Studio when the active file is updated in Photoshop. In addition to these new features, there are several more too detailed to list.

Anime Studio Pro 11 is $299.USD for a physical boxed software set. A digital download version sells for $199.USD. These are current sale prices that expire June 2, 2015.

To read more about Anime Studio Pro 11 go here. There are videos showing the new features here.

Anime Studio Debut 11

Anime Studio Debut 11 is an extremely affordable ($49.99.USD) animation tool perfect for entry level activity or children to learn character based animation. This bone-based animation tool makes animating fun and easy. Like the pro tool it includes a library of content ready to work with.

02 - A screenshot of the Pro version of Anime Studio Pro 11 (showing Windows interface).

02 – A screenshot of the Pro version of Anime Studio Pro 11 (showing Windows interface).

Studio Debut 11 allows Wacom multi-touch support, can import or record audio with automatic lip-synch to characters support, plus it works with vector-based art for maximum control and scalability.

About SmithMicro Software

The Productivity and Graphics Division of SmithMicro developers award-winning software solutions for Windows and Macintosh. Their offices are based in California. In addition to Anime Studio software the company also produces the popular Manga Studio software series in addition to publishing the famed Poser 3D character software. The company’s main Productivity tool is the well-known StuffIt Expander Mac offering and StuffIt Deluxe Mac, for compressing and decompressing software files. Though less known, StuffIt is also made for Windows.

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  1. #CAD SmithMicro Software launches Anime Studio 11 series apps

  2. #CAD SmithMicro Software launches Anime Studio 11 series apps

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