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GRAPHISOFT introduces ArchiCAD 19 with Predictive Background Processing

GRAPHISOFT today introduced ArchiCAD 19, noting it has made a quantum leap in BIM performance due to its robust 64-bit architecture and new “predictive background processing” technology.


Budapest-based Graphisoft has introduced its latest version of its leading BIM (building information modeling) software package for architects working on both Mac and Windows environments. This latest version features another industry-first, in advanced technology the company calls “predictive background processing.”

A Performance Leader

“End-users perceive software performance as one single measurement – however it is the combination of a large number of factors,” said Péter Temesvári, Director, Product Management at GRAPHISOFT. “ARCHICAD 19 introduces major improvements — most importantly to its intuitiveness and responsiveness — offering a unique, fluid feel to interactions with the software. Its patent pending predictive background processing capability reinforces ARCHICAD’s technology leadership position in the BIM field.”

01 - Graphisoft has introduced new ArchiCAD 19 with industry-first technology again...this time "predictive background processing."

01 – Graphisoft has introduced new ArchiCAD 19 with industry-first technology again…this time “predictive background processing.”

ArchiCAD was already the first BIM tool in the market to adopt both 64-bit computing and the use of parallelism with CPU cores. The use of predictive technology takes ArchiCAD 19 a step further. ArchiCAD 19 takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating what the user will want to do next, in terms of steps and actions, and prepares for them in the background. As a result, this greatly increases the overall responsiveness of the application, providing a fluid and agile sensibility with projects of enormous size.

ArchiCAD 19 New Features Breakdown

Beyond the performance oriented nature of the new version, there are plenty of other new features in ArchiCAD 19, including:

  • Completely re-written OpenGL engine that leverages modern GPUs—makes smoother, faster 3D navigation possible even with “extremely” large models
  • Point-Cloud support — build in support for 3D point cloud data to enable visualization of the built environment
  • Interactive 3D Surface Painter — A new intuitive “drag and drop” building model surface editing workflow/toolset allows direct and instant feedback in 3D. The Surface Editor is a new floating 3D palette that can ride over your main work window
  • New Listing Enhancements — now you can list skin areas in interactive schedules to help accurately determine/measure the areas of 2D surfaces within any arrangement of composites (e.g.: determining “painted” surface coverage, or waterproofed surfaces)
  • Permanent Guides — brand new lines, snap guides, and snap points provide a permanent visual support for working in both 2D and 3D space (plans, sections, elevations, 3D views, etc)–greatly aides modeling and editing operations
  • Open BIM IFC improvements — ArchiCAD 19 can now import IFC models exactly as they looked in the original application in which they were created. Improved collision detection makes ArchiCAD 19 a unique BIM authoring tool with full-fledged interdisciplinary coordination capabilities.
  • PDF and Annotation Improvements…more small items…

You can see an overview of all the new features of ArchiCAD 19 here.


Graphisoft ArchiCAD 19 will start shipping in June, 2015, with an impressive list of 26 local versions rolled out by the end of Q3 2015. To learn more visit:

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  1. “A Performance Leader” @GRAPHISOFT introduces @ARCHICAD 19 with Predictive Background Processing via @architosh

  2. “A Performance Leader” @GRAPHISOFT introduces @ARCHICAD 19 with Predictive Background Processing via @architosh

  3. “A Performance Leader” @GRAPHISOFT introduces @ARCHICAD 19 with Predictive Background Processing via @architosh

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