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AXYZ Design releases an(i)ma 1.7.1 for Mac OS X users

An(i)ma goes Mac for CINEMA 4D with new release 1.7.1 for Mac OS X. Now Mac 3D artists using the popular Cinema 4D software have the fastest stand-alone character animation application in the industry.


AXYZ has recently released a Mac OS X native version of its popular an(i)ma® 1.7.1 animated character population software for the 3D industry, providing Cinema 4D users on the Mac with the fastest stand-alone character animation application in the architectural visualization (arcviz) industry.

An(i)ma, as it is written with brackets around the letter “i”, is one of the best specialized people animation and visualization tools in the entire 3D industry and for quite sometime was Windows only. Version 1.5 was the first version to bring Mac support.

An(i)ma 1.7.1 for Mac C4D

Anima is a stand-alone character animation application that brings to live people and entire crowds of people within an animated 3D scene produced within another application, such as Autodesk 3ds Max or Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

Anima utilizes the award-winning line of Metropoly 3D animated characters, which can be seen as digital actors and are controlled by real motion capture data and automatic procedural motions. The net result is very realistic animated people within your scene.

It is possible to create large crowds quickly within a scene, such a people in a large building lobby, using crowd cloner technology and a simple to master WYSIWYG user-interface. Collision dynamics technology helps keep order in the scene between digital characters.

01 - Anima 1.7.1 for is now out for Mac Cinema 4D users.

01 – Anima 1.7.1 for is now out for Mac Cinema 4D users.

The new Anima 1.7.1 for Mac for Cinema 4D users brings the latest features to the Mac 3D professional utilizing the cross-platform 3D software package (Cinema 4D) from Maxon. Using Anima 1.7.1 the user installs a plugin for Anima into Cinema 4D software which allows the user to easily import, preview and then render animated crowds.

To begin a project with Anima you start in your native 3D software package (in this case Cinema 4D) and develop your architectural or environmental scene. Then you export partial version of your scene out and import it into Anima, the stand-alone application. The focus on the process is bridging over your horizontal surfaces that the people in the crowds will walk on, and any referential vertical geometry that may be useful for orientation purposes.

The third part in using Anima is then setting up your crowds in the stand-alone application, using motion paths and drag and drop characters. The final part is then importing the animation project back into your 3D software package (Maxon’s Cinema 4D in this case).

Availability and Pricing

Anima 1.7.1 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and is normally 249.euro for Anima Premium, the complete professional package. A trial version is also available for free on both platforms. The Premium version supports unlimited networked computers for render farming out renders. It also includes free updates, community forums and a RebusFarm render service.

You can learn more about AYZY Design’s An(i)ma 1.7.1 for Mac OS X for Cinema 4D here.

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