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New ModelPort ArchiCAD plugin now available at

New plugin constructs ArchiCAD Library parts from file formats such as Alias Wavefront OBJ and Autodesk FBX, previously unavailable to ArchiCAD users.


This week Oakland, California, based company ARCHVISTA, Inc, the provider of, announced ModelPort for ArchiCAD, a new 3D object and model importer for the industry leading BIM application. The new software offering can dramatically increase the available global objects and parts library for Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD.

ModelPort Details

As a plugin ModelPort translates 3D model formats such as Alias Wavefront OBJ and Autodesk FBX into ArchiCAD Library parts. A converted 3D model or object via ModelPort includes a detailed, projected 2D symbol and creates an ArchiCAD material with the original texture maps in place.

ModelPort also includes scaling and rotation tools, assisting with the placement and sizing of objects in the designed environment. File management tools allow imported objects to be organized into folders for later use.

01 - An ArchiCAD 18 CineRender interior rendering with the use of objects from ModelPort. (courtesy ARCHVISTA, all rights reserved.)

01 – An ArchiCAD 18 CineRender interior rendering with the use of objects from ModelPort. (courtesy ARCHVISTA, all rights reserved.)

“ModelPort will allow ArchiCAD users to access thousands of 3D objects previously unavailable to them,” says Thomas M. Simmons, BIM Consultant. “We are pleased to offer a solution that will make designing in ArchiCAD even better.”

There are three separate versions of ModelPort available. ModelPort OBJ converts Alias Wavefront OBJ files and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX files, ModelPort FBX converts Autodesk FBX and Collada DAE files and the final version ModelPort will import all four of these formats.

470,000 Objects on TurboSquid Alone

With ModelPort ArchiCAD users will have access to a much wider range of 3D objects for use in building designs, including over 470,000 objects on TurboSquid alone.

ModelPort uses the same Autodesk FBX SDK which is the same software bridge Autodesk uses itself to connect its vast array of 3D software such as Maya, Softimage XSI, 3D Studio MAX, et cetera.

ModelPort imports a UV mesh which creates a clean and consistent texture mapping surface of a 3D model. It also supports instances, automatic material parameters, automatic material search for missing texture files, custom material assignments—meaning you can switch materials of an imported object with another object’s materials—, a Put On Ground function, automatic smoothing and more.

There is also a benefit with SketchUp files. When you import a SketchUp file into ArchiCAD without ModelPort, you end up with triangulated curved surfaces to handle the curved surface, a mesh. With ModelPort such SketchUp objects gain smoother surfaces, improving the appearance and decreasing the file size of the imported object.

Pricing and Availability

ModelPort is available now and is 139.USD for ModelPort FBX, and 139.USD for ModelPort OBJ. For the ModelPort Bundle combining both the price is 229.USD. Additional licenses decrease the cost and you can learn more here. 10 licenses and up gain specialized quoted license fees.

To learn more visit them here.

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  1. The new ModelPort plugin for ArchiCAD greatly expands parts and object import into native ArchiCAD Library objects v…

  2. #CAD New ModelPort ArchiCAD plugin now available at

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  4. Three ModelPort Webinars will be held soon to introduce ArchiCAD Users to this product:

    -How ModelPort Works
    -Finding Quality Objects on the Web
    -Editing Objects Imported by ModelPort

    Here is the link to more info and to register:

  5. “New ModelPort #ArchiCAD plugin now available at” OBJ, FBX, 3DS, DAE & SKP > ArchiCAD objects!

  6. RT @bondbryanBIM: “New ModelPort #ArchiCAD plugin now available at” OBJ, FBX, 3DS, DAE & SKP > ArchiCAD objects! htt…

  7. Importing 3ds MAX with Modelport? Probably not. Maybe you meant “3ds” files… as the Max format only works with 3ds Max installed and is proprietary.

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