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Mac 3D: Trimble announces new SketchUp 2015 for Mac and Windows

Trimble releases brand new SketchUp 2015—the second release of SketchUp this year!


SketchUp is by far the most popular 3D modeling application on both Mac and Windows platforms and today parent company Trimble has announced the new SketchUp 2015 product line.

“For the second release of SketchUp this year, we set out to make enhancements to the platform that might seem simple, but go a long way toward making SketchUp more enjoyable and impactful for our user community,” said John Bacus, director of SketchUp product management at Trimble. “For example, as interoperability continues to be the cornerstone of collaboration among architecture, engineering and construction professionals, the IFC file import is an important addition because it opens the options for professionals to participate in the information modeling process, sharing files with ease, regardless of the software program.”

New in SketchUp 2015

Here is a list of the most important new features in SketchUp 2015 (some are Pro features only):

  • 64-bit Support — SketchUp 2015 now supports both 32-bit older systems and newer 64-bit computer systems on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • New Cross-Platform license system
  • New Cloud-based license management system
  • IFC Import — now you can import IFC files in addition to export them
  • Faster Core — models render faster with core modeling performance improvements for explode, intersect and Fast Styles
  • Faster Styles
  • New Rotated Rectangle tool
  • 3-point Arc tool
  • Over-hauled LayOut Label tool
  • And more

New Trimble Vision and Trimble Connect

SketchUp 2015 now supports Trimble Vision, which involves Trimble Vision instruments like the V10 and Trimble Business Center. The Trimble V10 is a super camera that uses GPS and Total Station technology to accurately position and orient multiple photographs. The combination of the V10 and the processing power of Trimble Business Center lets you bring multiple site photographs directly into SketchUp.

01 - Guess what got updated today? SketchUp's homepage shows the new SketchUp 2015 release and there are some really good features—importantly IFC import!

01 – Guess what got updated today? SketchUp’s homepage shows the new SketchUp 2015 release and there are some really good features—importantly IFC import!

Trimble also announced last week the new Trimble Connect, the re-branded version of its acquired Gehry Technologies’ GTeam platform. Today Trimble also announced the new Trimble Connect for SketchUp plugin. This links your SketchUp models to Trimble Connect. Once installed you can:

  • Sign-up for and sign-into a Trimble Connect account
  • Publish, download, and update SketchUp models hosted on Trimble Connect
  • Access and update reference models from Trimble Connect (which is kind of like importing a component model, then reloading it).

Trimble Connect is rolling out across the entire Trimble Buildings portfolio of products, meaning SketchUp, Tekla, Vico, MEP and others in the future. Customers can upload and pull-down projects from Trimble Connect.

To learn more about Trimble SketchUp 2015 visit them online here.

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