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New Architectural Visualization Solution Coming from French-based Twinmotion

A new architectural visualization solution is on the horizon called Twinmotion, or least that is the company’s name which appears based in France


We have recently learned about a new software offering called Twinmotion. Supposedly compatible with all modeling softwares, Twinmotion is a self-proclaimed complete ecosystem that highlights your architectural projects without any adjustments.

The new solution has few details on its website but it does have four key demo videos which are quite compelling. From notes on YouTube rather than its own website, it appears that Twinmotion will have native SketchUp and Cinema 4D import plus an integrated Autodesk Revit plugin.

Twinmotion – Real Time Architectural Solution

With Twinmotion you appear to upload your architectural model to the application, from which you will then complete your visualizations and observe your 3D project with animation tools. Twinmotion’s rich libraries offer a complete ecosystem of material, color, light, water, plants, humans to simulate life in the city and in nature.

01 - Twinmotion is a new upcoming visualization tool aimed at architecture and urban design. It supports SketchUp and Cinema 4D natively and has a Revit plugin.

01 – Twinmotion is a new upcoming visualization tool aimed at architecture and urban design. It supports SketchUp and Cinema 4D natively and has a Revit plugin.

Twinmotion provides a comprehensive overview of the project, where you can complete the visualization design. From the trailer teaser videos one can see that the user-interface features a series of unique slider controls for dialing in various elements and their attributes. For instance, in Teaser 3/4 animated vehicles are added to an urban scene and the sliders determine how many lanes of cars and how much traffic should be in the scene. Likewise, Twinmotion enables adding people and animated people and crowds.

Twinmotion is a very new arrival and there is little we know about the company (which perhaps is French?). The website for the new entity is a temporary site and there is no contact information on it. One can signup for the trial software and we did that. The result was an email saying they are very close to the release of the trial version.

To learn more visit

Architosh Analysis

Twinmotion looks like a very exciting new solution in the works, especially if it delivers on the level shown in the four demo videos. The tool isn’t aimed at super high end realistic 3D but rather decent rapid visualization development. Such a tool could catch fire with students in particular and architectural offices that are smaller and have more limited IT capacities in the visualization realm. In other words, there may be something “SketchUp” about it.

Reader Comments

  1. #CAD New Architectural Visualization Solution Coming from French-based Twinmotion

  2. Posted by:
    September 2, 2014 02:28 am EDT

    I wonder how new this software package actually is. I found some discussions about this as far back as 2010 at CG Architect, Ronen Bekerman and SketchUcation sites. Could this be just another vapourware?

  3. Posted by:
    September 2, 2014 02:52 am EDT

    I just found their forums and it looks like Twinmotion is Windows only.

  4. Tandem,
    Thanks for the posts. I had not yet received my invitation into the beta download page (still have not received it) so I wasn’t sure how this software worked. It looked also that it could have been cloud-based. That would have been particularly impressive. I would not be surprised at all that some word of this software goes back to 2010. By the looks of it the development would have been years in the making.

  5. Tandem, it doesn’t look like Twinmotion will be vaporware…I hope not. And the fact it is Windows-only now doesn’t discourage either. One must remember SketchUp started out Windows only too!

  6. Posted by:
    September 2, 2014 03:29 pm EDT

    Their FaceBook Timeline goes back to 2004.

    If the program is in Beta for version 3, how come I can’t find any of the previous versions?

  7. @Twinmotion Shipped for Architectural Visualization #cad

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