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New tech: Archetris is new cloud-based Architectural Programming software tool

This new architectural and schematic design software tool–Archetris–offers its users a scaled cloud-based approach to simple and efficient programming phase work…


Archetris is an entirely new cloud-based software in the architecture software market aimed directly at architects and related professionals who need powerful, flexible and efficient architectural programming phase and schematic design phase software.

A series of product tour videos showcase the essential features of Archetris, which works entirely through the cloud. With the tag line “Brilliantly simple design software” a quick review of the tour videos does reveal an intuitive workflow with very logical user-interface layout and UI/UX elements.

Archetris Features

Archetris features five application areas or functional groups, consisting of: Programming, where one compiles the architectural brief data (building program data). This section of the interface is about making sure all the required spaces, their typology and areas are input correctly. The user works off a right-handed organization palette and simple drags space types to the main canvass window (on the left).

The second application area is called Stacking, where one organizes a building program into Floors (e.g.: Floor 1, Floor 2, etc). Using the previously input architectural program data, that same data is pulled from the organizing palette on the right and dragged and dropped onto the canvas on the left.

01 - The new Archetris cloud-based architectural programming and schematic design software.

01 – The new Archetris cloud-based architectural programming and schematic design software.

The third application area is Blocking, where the architect begins to organize the architectural program onto a canvass that contains a building footprint. In the video it is noted that such base drawings can be brought into (imported) into the program. Such work assumes that a level of schematic design work has already happened, or in the case of a tenant fit out project, the existing office building, for example, would be made available, as a series of existing floor plans, to work over.

The fourth area is Planning. This is where much more detailed architectural layout work actually happens. Here you are able to compare your project’s standards (rooms, cubicles, workstations, etc) to the design program requirements literally as you work. It is also during this phase (Planning) that you can refine your Blocking work, since most likely the actual layout will alter or drive changes to program areas that in the beginning were purely based on the architectural program brief.

The fifth area is Reporting. And it is what you think it is: an area that generates architectural programming reports with tabulated columns and pie chart graphics showing differences between program brief data and final planning data.

Plans and Availability

Archetris is available in a scaled cloud approach much like other SaaS (software as a service) tools and comes in Team, Business and Enterprise pricing points. At the Team level it is 175.USD per month with no commitment. There is a free trial available under this plan and you can scale your usage up or down to fit your business requirements and work load.

With Business options you are on the meter. The cost is 115.USD per month plus use and you have to sign an annual contract. You pay only for the active users each month. There is a 30-day free trial. For Enterprise options the company will deliver custom pricing and will build the solution to suit. This means customizing schema to meet your business needs and options can include site licensing, custom domains and single-sign on, et cetera.

Archetris appears to be originated out of the United Kingdom but has an office in California. To learn more visit here:


Reader Comments

  1. Interesting! Would be good to see how it fits in BIM workflows. Pricing is not so ideal for small offices. Would make more sense with only a few active users in a larger office.

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  5. New tech: Archetris is new cloud-based Architectural Programming software tool | Architosh

  6. The new Archetris software is SaaS (software as a service) for architects doing programming and schematic design and…

  7. Stefan, I agree it is a most interesting product! The workflow seems intelligent and the user-experience seems quite smooth. What is less known is how it works with bringing in plan files (like in the 3d video) and how it work, as you say, within a BIM workflow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! – A

  8. New tech: Archetris is new cloud-based Architectural Programming software tool via @architosh

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