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LightWave 3D Group congrats Shuhei Morita for “Possessions” 2014 Academy Award Nomination

LightWave 3D based animated film “Possessions” nominated for 2014 Academy Award


Known throughout Japan as “Tsukomo,” the animated short film “Possessions” continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide, including perhaps the ultimate audience—the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences—which has nominated “Possessions” for a 2014 Academy Award® in the category of Animated Short Film. “Possessions” is part of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Short Peace omnibus project that brings together top creators at the leading edge of animation.

The LightWave 3D® Group, a Division of NewTek, Inc., congratulates Shuhei Morita, director of “Possessions” and the artists at Sunrise Inc. for its 2014 Oscar® nomination and celebrates the studio’s creative use of LightWave 3D software to deliver stunning visuals for the film.

01 - "Possessions" has been nominated for a 2014 Academy Award for best Animated Short film.

01 – “Possessions” has been nominated for a 2014 Academy Award for best Animated Short film.

Earlier this year, Mr. Morita explained why he chose LightWave for the creation of “Possessions”—LightWave 3D software was used throughout the entire pipeline for modeling, animation and rendering. “With LightWave, I can modify model data and animation scenes very quickly whenever I want,” said Morita. “It’s much like drawing 2D on paper.

“It’s also easy to see the strengths and skills of artists when they use the basic features of LightWave.  We could easily create animation by taking advantage of plug-ins or cool new feature sets, but I want our staff to keep sight of the artist versus the tool,” explained Morita. “My philosophy is: Do not be used by the tools, instead use the tools as if they are your hands.”

02 - Shuhei Morita says of LightWave 3D is it much like drawing 2D on paper, about why he chose that software for his award-nominated film.

02 – Shuhei Morita says of LightWave 3D is it much like drawing 2D on paper, about why he chose that software for his award-nominated film.

“A few years ago while in Japan, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Morita and the artists at  Sunrise while they were working on the ‘Possessions’ animated short,” said Rob Powers, president, LightWave 3D Group. “This is a well-deserved nomination for Mr. Morita and the talented artists at Sunrise. They have mastered the art of visual storytelling and we are honored they use LightWave to help bring their stories to the world.”

LightWave 3D Availability and Pricing

LightWave 3D at is at version 11.6 and is priced at 1495.USD. It is possible to upgrade from earlier versions at 695.USD and there is educational pricing available as well. To purchase visit an authorized reseller or visit:

There is also a free 30-day full feature trial version of available here:

For more information about LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion or the LightWave 3D Group, please visit: www.lightwave3d.comTwitterYouTubeor connect with us on Facebook.

Architosh Analysis

The LightWave 3D community is one of the most mature digital artist communities in existence and the “group”, which was spun off from NewTek proper over a year ago has taken up residence near Hollywood, a logical step since the product has always been popular with VFX studios and artists in broadcast and film.

Many people don’t realize that while LightWave 11.6 is a popular tool for VFX work it is also a very capable tool for industrial design and architectural visualization. Late last year the company featured this stunning architectural reel on their website, which you can watch here below.


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