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Lenovo’s new ThinkVision 28 inch monitors make good Mac Pro mates

Lenovo introduces new 28 inch 4K and non-4K displays suitable for CAD/CAM and DCC — perfect for that Mac Pro


Whether you need a 4K monitor or just a stunning larger, high-quality HD monitor for your work with a new Apple Mac Pro, Lenovo’s two newly announced (at CES 2014) displays may be the right ticket for you.

ThinkVision Pro 2840m

Announced at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, the new Lenovo 4K display has been designed with CAD/CAM, visualization and ultra-high definition entertainment in mind. ThinkVision Pro 2840m features a 28-inch UltraHD premium display with 3840 x 2160 resolution. Both displays feature Lenovo’s infinite glass design feature, touch-sensitive buttons, dual speakers and an innovative and adaptive swiveling stand.

01 - Lenovo ThinkVision Pro 2840m.....

01 – Lenovo ThinkVision Pro 2840m. is an exciting high-quality, affordable 4K display.

02 - Lenovo ThinkVision 28...

02 – Lenovo ThinkVision 28 and ThinkVision Pro 2840m.

The ThinkVision 28 is a 3840 x 2160 resolution (non-4K display) that features an integrated Android enabled entertainment center system. It features a large range of connectivity options and includes Nvidia Tegra-powered technology. The 4K ThinkVision Pro 2840m will be available starting in April of 2014, while the ThinkVision 28 will be available in select markets from July 2014.

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