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GRAPHISOFT releases new EcoDesigner STAR

GRAPHISOFT launches EcoDesigner STAR for standards compliant energy performance analysis for architects


GRAPHISOFT, of Budapest, Hungary, this week announced the release of EcoDesigner STAR, the first software that places standard-compliant energy analysis in the heart of the architect’s familiar BIM workflow.

EcoDesigner STAR allows architects to design the most energy-efficient buildings, by themselves or working together with engineers or specialist consultants.

“The combination of the BIM model with hourly energy simulation based weather conditions and operation profiles creates a virtual reality design environment that adds another dimension to the ArchiCAD Building Information Modeling (BIM) experience,” said Miklos Sved, EcoDesigner Product Manager, GRAPHISOFT.

EcoDesigner STAR Details

EcoDesigner STAR is based on work GRAPHISOFT undertook years ago commencing with a partnership with StruSoft. That mission three years ago was to revolutionize how sustainable design is carried out in the BIM environment.

01 - EcoDesigner STAR is GRAPHISOFT's latest BEM product that ties into the ArchiCAD BIM workflow.

01 – EcoDesigner STAR is GRAPHISOFT’s latest BEM product that ties into the ArchiCAD BIM workflow.

While the domain of energy is largely dealt with by MEP engineers, it is the architect who influences the energy performance of a building the most by the decisions that go into a building’s design.

EcoDesigner STAR for ArchiCAD 17 offers:

  • BIM Geometry and Thermal Property Data Export
  • Thermal Bridge Simulation
  • Expert Building System Settings (for energy performance)
  • On-Site Renewables
  • Building Energy Simulation using Standards-Compliant Analysis Engine (SCAE)
  • Energy Performance of Thermal Blocks
  • Building Energy Performance Rating

With EcoDesigner STAR, architects can use ArchiCAD’s BIM right out the box as a building energy model (BEM), helping architects to design highly efficient buildings. EcoDesigner STAR offers standards compliant energy analysis on the BEM and produces very detailed building energy performance reports.


EcoDesigner STAR is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and South Africa. For further information and to buy please contact your GRAPHISOFT partner.

For more info on EcoDesigner STAR visit

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