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Strata’s new Strata Design 3D CX 7.5 for Mac and Windows

Strata’s latest flagship CX 7.5 offers much stronger modeling capabilities, UV unwrapping technologies and a whole lot more


Recently the venerable 3D software house Strata has updated their flagship program, Strata 3D CX to version 7.5. The new version focuses heavily on new modeling features that the company is labeling “industrial strength.”

Strata 3D CX 7.5 – What’s New

Driven by existing users the company has responded with a wholesale upgrade of its modeling feature set, including features that tie into the products new UV enhancements. Here is summary:

  • Segment Edge Command — users can now divide mesh edges into a defined number of segments
  • Show Face Normals — this provides a visual indication of a polygon’s normal direction, which helps ensure your polygons are facing the correct direction. This also helps troubleshoot 3d printing
  • Move Commands — new or improved move commands, move to grid, move to X, move to Y, move to Z, move center to X, move center to Y, move center to Z
  • Rotate Commands — new or improved rotate commands
  • Select Perimeter Command
  • Select UV Seam Edges Command — selects any previously designed UV seams
  • Toggle UV Seam Edge Command — allows the user to designate unwrapping seams for Burn UV or UV edit mode and UV seams are color coded in poly edit mode
  • Poly Mesh Conversion Upgrade — mesh conversion now maintains vertex/edge hardness, UV seams and face sets (subsets)

Other new features include extensive new UV editing and texturing features like the new Burn UV function enhancement. There are now powerful UV unwrapping features and extensive UV edit mode features for handing things like fitting, orientation, position and selection. There are more items than we can mention here.

01 - Strata 3D CX 7.5 now features what Strata calls "Industrial strength modeling..." And many excellent new features.

01 – Strata 3D CX 7.5 now features what Strata calls “Industrial strength modeling…” And many excellent new features.

Other new features include new 3D printing options and new file import and export options. The STL file format widely used by CAD programs for 3D printing is fully supported in both import and export directions. And new in Strata 3D CX 7.5 is Collada file format support. Lastly, there is a new Decimation and Polygon Reduction function set. This is used to reduce the poly count on models on import to reduce model problems as well as on export to industry areas like 3D gaming or to simply for 3D printing or general performance issues.

Strata 3D CX 7.5 is available now. Upgrades range from 89.USD to 439.USD depending on previous version. The program new is 499.USD. You can learn more here:

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