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Tidbits: TurboCAD Mac, Luxion and RaySupreme news

Mac and iOS CAD/3D News: We have tidbits on RaySupreme’s update to version 1.5, Luxion’s KeyShot turns 4.2 with many excellent new features and TurboCAD Mac v7 is officially now a 64-bit application


TurboCAD Mac v7 – 64-bit

Architosh had previously covered this news based on early information given directly to us, yet this week IMSI/Design officially announced the 64-bit version of TurboCAD Mac v7.

“The new 7 was already our most significant TurboCAD Mac upgrade in a number of years,” said Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI/Design.  “The new 64-bit product line-up gives dramatic performance enhancements over prior, 32-bit versions.

The benefits of 64-bit for TurboCAD Mac involve the updated solid modeling kernel from Dassault Spatial, as well as the updated file translator kernel from Spatial. OpenGL was partially rewritten to take advantage of better integration between Cocoa and OpenGL. And there is general performance updates due to the ability to handle much larger files. Lastly, the Cocoa print engine by Apple has been improved during this update resulting in printing and related items like preview and print to PDF.

TurboCAD Mac Pro v7 has a suggested retail price of 499.USD. To learn more visit here.

Luxion updates KeyShot to version 4.2

Luxion this month updated KeyShot to version 4.2. The advanced rendering and lighting program–which offered the market the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program–includes several major improvements in this point release. These include:

  • LiveLinking
  • physical lighting
  • focused caustics and procedural materials introduced in version 4
  • faster rendering times

Also more control over hardware and 3D data import allowing users to work faster and more efficiently with their models inside of KeyShot without jeopardizing the final quality of their images, animations and KeyShotVR interactive visuals.

KeyShot 4.2 introduces the ability to create groups in the Project Scene tree. Users may create new groups, drag and drop parts and sub-assemblies into existing groups and move parts between one group to another. KeyShot 4.2 also comes with the ability to set priority over the amount of CPU cores used by the program. This can ensure that users are able to have adequate access to CPU power in other programs while KeyShot is rendering.

To learn more about these and other new features please visit the KeyShot 4.2 website here. KeyShot 4.2 is available immediately as a free update to all users on subscription.

RaySupreme News

We broke with the news of this new 3D software awhile back. Now at version 1.5, RaySupreme 3D includes up to 10 new modeling tools, new viewport background preferences and true point and spot lights.

01 - RaySupreme 3D is now at version 1.5 and offers many new features.

01 – RaySupreme 3D is now at version 1.5 and offers many new features.

Additionally, there is a new revamped render dialog, global cut/copy/paste functionality for geometry, new OBJ Export functionality, render quality improvements, bug fixes, major performance boosts, workflow and user interface improvements.

RaySupreme  3D runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and comes from Germany. To learn more visit here.

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