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‘Smart BIM Cloud’ Pilot Project completed by Graphisoft, Obayashi Corp. and NEC

Smart BIM Cloud project is based on Graphisoft’s industry leading BIM Server Technology


Back in 2011 Obayashi, NEC and Graphisoft SE formed to realize Smart BIM Cloud, a new system to integrate the sharing of information in the design-build-manage process. Smart BIM Cloud is focused on spreading BIM in the construction industry by levering the latest software and technology resources effectively.

The net result of the Smart BIM Cloud pilot was the ‘safe’ and smooth information sharing between stakeholders’ — developing BIM and putting it to practical use by combining the expertise and proven experience of NEC with delivering large-sized cloud implementations; the leading technology of cutting-edge BIM software vendor Graphisoft; and Obayashi’s wealth of BIM implementation experience with design and construction projects.

A Comprehensive IT Infrastructure

The collaborative team has built a comprehensive IT infrastructure built around advanced BIM Server technology. This enables a project team of contractors, design companies, engineering firms and construction firms and specialist to share building-related information and form a consensus in the early stages for a common purpose–namely, to build the best building.

Up until the end of July 2013, Obayashi used BIM in slightly more than half of all design-build projects. As of October 1, upon having completed the Smart BIM Cloud pilot, the company will form a new division called PD Center (Product, Design, Delivery, Digital) and plans to use BIM for every design-construction project by the end of 2015.

All Based on Graphisoft BIM Server Technology

The Smart BIM Cloud project at Obayashi is entirely based on Graphisoft’s latest BIM Server™ Technology and delivers integrated building information modeling workflows and company-wide information sharing for Obayashi.

To learn more about Graphisoft’s partnership with Obayashi and NEC Corporation read the full press release here.

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