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Job Listing: Simulicity, Inc. now adding software engineers

Simulicity is a stealth-mode IT startup, fusing Big Data and Design Thinking to make smarter, faster urban planning a reality for architects…and for the communities they serve


Who We Are

We’re a band of intensely-curious professionals (with backgrounds in architecture, IT, astrophysics, finance, and medicine), working together to create elegant, data-driven tools that have practical impact. We founded Simulicity because we love great cities.

We know that smart, data-driven urban development benefits the individuals and families who live and work in those spaces, as well as the wider community. Poor design–even “good enough” design–is associated with blight, depopulation, pollution, crime, and financial stagnation or commercial losses.

We also know that there is a massive opportunity in enabling better urban design.

Cities, and their populations, continue to grow–and by 2030 55 percent of the planet will inhabit in urban spaces. Join Simulicity not just because you think cities are cool…but because you believe that better cities are the engines of better health, productivity, leisure, and creativity: for billions of people.

Join us if you want to help build a company that can touch half the world.

What We Do

We deliver visual tools for architecture professionals–digital canvasses that bring data, rules, and information visualization into the design stage–much more easily than ever before.

Culture & Environment

People at Simulicity succeed because they are hard-driving and self-motivated. We have a flat management style focusing on rapid decision making and iterative product delivery.

01 - Simulicity is a new startup looking for software engineers and programmers.

01 – Simulicity is a new startup looking for software engineers and programmers.

We work in a distributed fashion, in a virtual lab/studio. Core members are based in the greater Boston and Providence areas, but we’re open to A-plus talent located anywhere. We encourage team members to work how they want, in an open and iterative way. We create deliverables, request feedback, and iterate: mostly online, but with occasional face-to-face time if the specific project and team composition demand it.

Our flat, nimble culture values thoughtful risk-taking, autonomy and accountability. You will thrive if you value intelligence and learning–and if you give open (and respond well to) critiques and feedback. Our next “anchor hires” will take on significant independent responsibility–while being rewarded accordingly.

Who We Need

A CTO and software architects/engineers with the desire to lead the technical development of our platform. As an early stage start-up there are flexible roles for capable technical and creative candidates.

Open Roles and Skills:

CTO & Software Architect — software project management ability, including technical specification. Desire to serve as a functional-module integrator/packager, from alpha to golden master. Ability to map an end-to-end data management plan, including API hooks for:

  • Open & Proprietary calls (Google, OpenGIS, MS, Mapbox or other services)
  • Native API hosting and management

Working knowledge of (your choice) tools & languages for prototyping/production:

  • Python, Ruby or Ruby on Rails, Java, Scala or others

Familiarity with SaaS/Cloud Platforms, including deployment experience on hosted services (e.g.: Amazon EC, MS Azure, etc)

Apple iOS and /or Android experience a major plus

Front-End Developer –– a software engineer or programmer who can develop prototype and production 2D/3D software using 3D/OpenGL/OpenGL ES and GUI software tool kits:

  • Using stacks with: WebGL, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS

Familiarity with Javascript visualization frameworks (e.g.: d3) is a plus

Strong grasp of Human Computer Interaction & UI/UX design principles

  • Passion for minimalist, responsive and elegant interfaces
  • Clean aesthetic sense, with pixel-precise attention to detail

Willingness to learn and respond to workflow, personalities, and needs of our target users. Ability to gracefully defend design decisions to your team members and to development partners. Proficiency in graphic design tools is a plus.

Database/Backend Developer — an experienced database developer with experience with common web-based libraries:

  • JQuery, LESS, Functional Javascript

Fluency with SQL and/or NoSQL design and implementation:

  • MongoDB, Neo4J, Hadoop or others

GIS toolkit (eg: PostGIS) proficiency a plus. Knowledge of native API specification and hosting/management is a plus

Working Style (all roles)

Simulicity is looking for talented and inspired individuals for these roles. Part-time positions are available, depending on skills and needs. Agile and/or SCRUM development styles are preferred. Individuals should be oriented towards rapid prototyping and testing (working alone or in pairs) and are comfortable working in distributed/virtual format. All candidates must be able to solicit and rapidly respond to user feedback and team critiques.

Expressing Interest

If you are interested we’d love to start a conversation with you; tell us something compelling. Contact David or Salil at [email protected]. Developer candidates should include a summary portfolio highlighting your most compelling work.


[Full Disclosure: Architosh editor-in-chief and founder, Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA LEED AP, holds a business interest in Simulicity. Refer to Architosh’s Ethics page here. ]

Reader Comments

  1. #CAD Job Listing: Simulicity, Inc. now adding software engineers

  2. #CAD Job Listing: Simulicity, Inc. now adding software engineers

  3. Got talent? Simulicity – an IT startup – is looking for software engineers. Please RT!

  4. Got talent? Simulicity – an IT startup – is looking for software engineers. Please RT!

  5. RT @gregKnight66: Got talent? Simulicity – an IT startup – is looking for software engineers. Please RT!

  6. RT @gregKnight66: Got talent? Simulicity – an IT startup – is looking for software engineers. Please RT!

  7. Cities-oriented software startup Simulicity, Inc., still looking for software talent (iOS, et al…)

  8. Cities-oriented software startup Simulicity, Inc., still looking for software talent (iOS, et al…)

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