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Apple narrows date for next Mac Pro – Says Coming Fall in new Trailer

Apple posts trailer of new Mac Pro – says shipping next season (as in this Fall)


Apple has posted a new movie trailer of the next Mac Pro based on the video it showed to WWDC 2013 attendees. It posted this video apparently today and as of this writing only 300 views have taken place. This is fresh folks!

Mac-based professionals have been clamoring for an update or replacement to the aging Mac Pro architecture and boy did they get it in the next Mac Pro. Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro is a radical departure from workstation design.

Apple’s Phil Schiller did the honors of announcing the upcoming machine at WWDC and made a comment–now somewhat memorable–about Apple’s [still] ability to innovate.

Apple’s new trailer of the next Mac Pro says at the end coming this Fall, which is an update from the “later this year” message it touted at WWDC 2013. Check out the trailer below. What do you think?

Architosh Commentary

We’ve written several detailed reports on the new Mac Pro, including this most important one here: “CAD/3D Industry Responds to Apple’s New Mac Pro,” 22 July 2013. We also have a report titled “Notes on the New Mac Pro — Details We Now Know,” 12 Jun 2013.

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