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Trimble announces new SketchUp 2013 3D apps

Trimble quietly announces SketchUp 2013


John Bacus, longtime SketchUp product manager, has posted a blog post over at SketchUpdate about the news–SketchUp 2013 is available for download and there is an all new SketchUp branding, SketchUp website and new pricing.

The Theme of SketchUp 2013

The theme for this major update to SketchUp is a twin theme of plugins and LayOut in SketchUp Pro, reports Bacus. This is about extensibility and 2D documentation.

01 - SketchUp 2013 has been announced. SketchUp Make is the renamed free version of SketchUp 2013.

01 – SketchUp 2013 has been announced. SketchUp Make is the renamed free version of SketchUp 2013.

Trimble appears to have renamed SketchUp to SketchUp Make as the free version while SketchUp Pro is the paid version. There doesn’t seem to be a description yet of what is new. Their blog is suggesting you download the new version and try it out to learn more.

When attempting to do that we discovered that you cannot choose which OS platform you are on. Google Chrome’s  browser on OS X didn’t seem to help by telling them either and a Windows installer came down to us on OS X. Blah! We’ll look into this again. If you figure something out when downloading the new SketchUp 2013, please post a share below.

[Editor’s note: Since our original post Trimble informed us that they had resolved the issue of the operating system popup not yet working quite consistently. It should now be all good and you can choose Mac from the drop-down menu. 21 May 2013]

Check out SketchUp 2013 here on their new site.

Reader Comments

  1. Trimble announces new SketchUp 2013 3D apps

  2. RT @acmonkey: Trimble announces new SketchUp 2013 3D apps

  3. @architosh, you might have already discovered… …But eventually they did fix the bug that failed to recognize which OS for download. Yay!

  4. #CAD Trimble announces new SketchUp 2013 3D apps – Trimble quietly announces SketchUp 2013

  5. Trimble announces new SketchUp 2013 3D apps

  6. @dcbCreative,
    Hay! thanks! yes, they contacted me and explained. So glad, didn’t want Mac SU users to be left out of the new fun.

  7. @architosh You know we love Mac OS X— SketchUp isn’t changing strategy here. We’re with Apple for the long haul.

  8. Had to use Safari to get it to give the option to download the OSX version. Also checked and saw that the upgrade price is $95.

  9. @jbacus. Thanks for the shout out John! Glad to hear it about OS X. The new website looks great…and look at all those plugins! That’s a great page and a super resource.

  10. Thomas,
    I think that was the case for me as well but I had already restarted Safari and was thinking it was the reset/restart clearing the page that did it. The platform drop down was still acting “wiggy” for me but it did appear and work.

  11. @TrimbleBuilding announces new @SketchUp 2013 3D apps via @architosh

  12. @TrimbleBuilding announces new @SketchUp 2013 3D apps

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