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CadFaster updates MyCadbox with new features

Finnish-based software company CadFaster, Inc, releases major update to MyCadbox with new features for their iPad app and more…


Recently we have written about the Finnish software company CadFaster, Inc., and their latest major cloud-based CAD product, MyCadbox. MyCadbox is like Dropbox for professional CAD users.

The team in Finland has announced that they have updated their latest offering adding several new features that make sharing CAD files with others easier, more efficient and more useful on mobile devices like Apple’s market-leading tablet device, iPad.

New Improvements

The latest improvements include new support for IGES, which will compliment the STEP file format it supported initially at launch. There is also new ways to share via email. The new email sharing includes a single button to open a model on any device, even on iPad.

Also, there is a new screenshot of the model being shared attached to the email inviting you to participate, view and share on MyCadbox. This helps team members recognize various models in multi-model sessions or sessions with multiple models which can get confusing.

01 - MyCadbox now features Web 3D Glimpse, a viewer that goes along with the company's cloud-storage app for CAD.

CadFaster has also updated the MyCadbox for iPad app to version 1.1.0. There is a new feature in the app that allows users to invite others to try out MyCadbox and if they successfully sign up that user will get 2 models added to their quota.

The model dashboard can now also be accessed on mobile devices as well, adding more convenience for mobile users on iPad. Finally, the company also introduced the Web 3D viewer called Glimpse for model previews. It works on any browser without the need for WebGL.

The company has a new blog for MyCadbox here. To learn more click here.

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