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Autodesk renames AutoCAD WS to AutoCAD 360 Pro Mobile

Autodesk advances AutoCAD WS, changes name to AutoCAD 360 and offers multiple app plans plus web beta for AutoCAD as SaaS


Autodesk Inc., has announced that they are expanding their AutoCAD WS line of easy-to-use mobile and web drafting applications and have renamed the products AutoCAD 360. These tools let users view, create and edit and share drawings anytime, anywhere.

Thus far Autodesk WS (a mobile and web-friendly AutoCAD-compliant app) has been downloaded more than 12 million times worldwide and there are over two million monthly active users. Autodesk recognizes that this indexes growing demand for sophisticated mobile design capabilities. The expansion of the AutoCAD 360 product line improves collaboration and delivers new and simplified ways to work with CAD on mobile devices and in web browsers.

AutoCAD Pro Mobile Apps Plans

There are new AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app plans, available in three options ranging in price from 4.99.USD per month to 49.99.USD. per year. These will enable users to get more out of AutoCAD on the go. New and improved features include:

  • New Drawing Creation — now you can also create a brand new project and drawings from scratch from within AutoCAD 360 mobile
  • Large File Size Support — the ability to work with larger files has been improved
  • Third Party Cloud — You now have the option to connect to third-party cloud storage options like Dropbox, Box and others
  • Block Palette — easily drag and place blocks into drawings from the drawing’s block collection
  • New Tools — users can take advantage of advanced layer management, properties and attributes, drawing coordinates, additional storage space, and much much more…
  • Priority Support — top priority support is available for those who purchase to get faster responses to questions

The app plans vary in what you can do in each AutoCAD 360 mobile plan. Here is a breakdown of the following options. One thing we want to note is that Autodesk will still maintain a free plan for AutoCAD 360 mobile, for use on your iOS or Android device (iPad or iPhone).

01 - AutoCAD 360 mobile is the new version of AutoCAD WS, new features and new app plans.

01 – AutoCAD 360 mobile is the new version of AutoCAD WS, new features and new app plans.

The free plan includes 5 GB of storage a maximum 10 MB file size and the basic AutoCAD WS features that were in the previous product, but not the more advanced features. AutoCAD 360 Pro comes in two options depending on if you pay per year or per month but in general the features are identical. Then there are Pro Plus plans which bump your storage capacity up from 25 GB to 100 GB, and max file size from 30 MB to 40 MB. Specific benefits of the paid plans include:

  • Ability to Create New Drawings
  • Advanced drawing and editing tools
  • Advanced measuring and dimension tools
  • Advanced layer management
  • Blocks palette support
  • Drawing coordinates
  • Properties and attributes
  • Priority support

AutoCAD 360 Web App Beta

Autodesk has also introduced a new AutoCAD 360 Web App Beta, which will deliver the power professionals need to access drawings from any computer to view, edit and share drawings with others, while also benefitting CAD novices involved in projects. A simplified user interface improves sharing and collaboration.

AutoCAD 360 mobile is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. AutoCAD 360 and AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app plans are available at the iTunes App Store or Android markets, including Google Play. AutoCAD 360 Web Beta is a free beta which can be accessed here:

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