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Tidbits: Cheetah, Rhino, Imagination News

Mac CAD/3D News: We have tidbits on Cheetah 3D, Neon for Rhino 5 and more information on Imagination Technologies


Catching up with Cheetah

It’s not easy to catch up with a Cheetah, and Cheetah 3D–the exclusively Mac-based advanced modeling, rendering and animation software–is no exception. Currently at version 6.2.1, the latest update features powerful tools like subdivision surfaces, joint-based character animation, morph targets, UV unwrapping, texture painting, HDRI, radiosity rendering and more.

01 - Cheetah 3D has the Bullet physics engine integration, global illumination renderer, ABF unwrapping, support for Retina Display and more. (image courtesy, Cheetah 3D)

Cheetah 3D is just 99.USD, making it one of the best values in the entire 3D software market. To learn more visit them online here.

Neon 1.0 now available for Rhino 5 Users

Neon is a real-time, ray-tracer viewport plugin for Rhino 5 on Windows. Note to readers, Rhino 5 for Mac is not yet released. Neon adds a new working viewport mode called “Raytraced with Neon” and you can implement rendering within it.

Some cool things about Neon for Rhino 5 is that it works with the rendering acceleration boards from the Caustic Series2 by Imagination Technologies.

Other Imagination Technologies News

Those Imagination Caustic Series2 interactive ray-tracing acceleration boards are now shipping. Architosh would love to see these boards come to Mac 3D apps and give Mac Pro users another reason to support Apple’s top machine.

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