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Siemens and Bentley extend collaboration

Siemens and Bentley partner on collaboration between process industry tools


Germany’s Siemens and US-based Bentley have announced recently that they have extended their strategic collaboration focusing on the process industry sector in fields such as chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas.

Both companies are targeting increased interoperability between Comos engineering software solution from Siemens and Bentley’s OpenPlant 2D/3D system for plant design and construction.

The Exchange of Data

The collaboration between these two companies is squarely focused on allowing the capture, exchange and utilization of data and information spanning the entire plant lifecycle, from engineering through to plant operations across all disciplines. Beyond a cohesive connection between Comos and OpenPlant, this collaboration also seeks to afford users access to the supplementary disciplines supported by the Bentley portfolio such as its HVAC software portfolio, construction simulation software and other technology.

To read the full press release go here.

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