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Nemetschek Vectorworks sponsors Architectural Record Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest

Nemetschek Vectorworks sponsors Architectural Record 2013 Napkin Sketch Contest


Nemetshek Vectorworks, Inc., is proud to be sponsoring the 2013 Architectural Record Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest. Through this contest, architects and related professionals in the United States are asked to share a creative concept on a five-inch-by-five-inch cocktail napkin.

“We’re thrilled to have Nemetschek Vectorworks as a sponsor of our third annual Cocktail Napkin Sketch Competition,” said Laura Viscusi, Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media and publisher of Architectural Record, GreenSource and SNAP. “This unique competition builds on the tradition of great architects who sketched some of their greatest works on napkins.”

To complement the contest, the Nemetschek Vectorworks architectural industry experts will demonstrate at how architects can turn a hand-drawn sketch into a building information model (BIM) in Vectorworks software.

01 - Visit the Sketch to BIM website at Nemetschek Vectorworks to follow the process of turning a napkin sketch into a full BIM model.

Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to vote on a project and design details. All voters at each phase will be registered for a chance to win a Wacom Intuos5 pen tablet, a tool that provides users with a completely natural and intuitive platform for drawing and sketching digitally.

Architectural Record Napkin Sketch Contest

Active architects in firms of all sizes and stages participate. The program even inspires firms to have sketching cocktail parties. It’s just one more way that architects engage with Architectural Record and now, Nemetschek Vectorworks,” said Laura Viscusi.

The contest launched 1 April 2013 and the winners will be announced in September. To enter the contest or just learn more visit here.

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