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Ukraine Cultural Complex is ArchitectsJURY Winner – Wins MacBook Pro

Designed using Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD a cultural center utilizing organic elements was chosen by peers in a global online competition


Alyona Bulygina, an architecture student from Kiev, Ukraine, has won an Apple MacBook Pro computer in the 2012 Fall ArchitectsJURY Competition.

Alyona’s design is a multi-functional information and cultural complex, a facility that concentrates a wide range of cultural-cognitive functions. The coast of Lake Vydubytsky between the highway and the Dnieper River, was chosen as the location for the planned design. The Dnieper slopes serve as a stunning backdrop to the design.

Alyona’s principal goal was to position the complex as an organic port nestled on the green banks of the Kiev slopes. The Paton Bridge on the left bank allows visitors to view the historic city center. “Working with ArchiCAD gave me the freedom to focus on the design,” Alyona said. “I can let my creative juices flow knowing that ArchiCAD will bring my visions to life,” she added.

01 - An image of Alyona's stunning winning design.

02 - Another image of Alyona's stunning design.

03 - Another image of Alyona's winning entry.

About the Winner

A native of Novosibirsk, Alyona Buygina was raised in Tashkent and currently attends architecture school in Kiev, Ukraine. She enjoys the thrill of competitions and the color blue, and hopes to work as an architect in the future.

To see more of Alyona’s winning design and read her winning profile page hop on over to the ArchitectsJURY website.

03 - Alyona Bulygina is this current winner of the ArchitectsJURY Competition. She won an Apple MacBook Pro for her winning entry of a multi-functional cultural complex. Russia's Graphisoft distributor on her left, Alyona in the middle.

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