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Tidbits: Vectorworks webinar, ICS offerings and more

Mac and iOS CAD/3D News: We have tidbits on upcoming events for Vectorworks, Shaderlight and some deal opportunities over at our friends at ICS


Vectorworks News

Nemetschek has an upcoming webinar titled “Worksheet Tricks with Vectorworks 2013 Software.” The event takes place on 28 Mar 2013 at 1pm EDT.

Presenter Michael Klaers, lighting designer with The Small Group and leader of the Santa Barbara Vectorworks User Group will be speaking about how worksheets at first can seem challenging to master but once properly understood offer users incredible power and time-saving tips. User will learn:

  • Extract data from drawing geometry
  • Incorporate worksheets into their workflows
  • Create record formats
  • Format worksheets
  • Use worksheets to manage data

To register for this go here. For questions contact Nemetschek Vectorworks at: 888-646-4223

Integrated CADD Services (ICS) Deals

ICS in nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts, have shared news of  their Artlantis 4.1 upgrade offer with a 10 percent discount at their CAD Garage eStore. This is good through 31 Mar 2013. Sample savings would be Artlantis Studio 4.1 Upgrade from Studio v1, v2, v3 was 720.USD and now 635.USD. If you are interested in a good Artlantis sale offer and have questions call: 800-385-5195. Or email [email protected]

ICS’ CAD Garage has lots of useful products so do explore their store here.

Shaderlight Online Training

ArtVPS Ltd. is hosting a Shaderlight Online Training course on 17 April 2013. The title is “Rendering Exteriors: A step by step guide.”

The course is led by Martin Cox who will teach you in 40 minutes how to get the most out of Shaderlight for SketchUp. And he will show in in step-by-step format. The course is 25.USD. You can register for it here.

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