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Scia Engineer first structural BIM to obtain IFC 2×3 V2 certification

Scia Engineer passes latest IFC 2×3 V2 BIM Standards


BuildingSMART International has certified Nemetschek Scia Engineer as the first Structural BIM software to pass the organization’s IFC 2×3 version 2 structural model exchange process. Now civil and structural engineers can export BIM models confidently to others in the AEC workflow process also using BIM tools.

Managed by buildingSMART International, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) is a registered ISO standard (ISO/PAS 16739). It is developed for the exchange of BIM data. As a neutral exchange format, it is not controlled by any single software vendor, and thus provides a robust way to exchange BIM models between the various Building Information Modeling software programs used in today’s design, construction, fabrication and facilities management processes.

The new IFC Certification 2.0 procedure replaces the old IFC Certification 1.0 procedure that had been used from 2001 to 2010. It requires BIM software vendors to pass a more stringent testing process that is intended to promote consistent and reliable implementation of IFC across the multiple BIM programs that support it.

“With more than 150 software applications now supporting IFC, it has become the open standard for exchanging BIM models,” says Jean-Pierre Rammant, CEO of Nemetschek Scia. “Our goal is to make it easy for engineers to plug analysis and design into today’s collaborative 3D workflows. With IFC 2×3 version 2.0 certification, Scia Engineer provides civil and structural engineers the highest level of BIM interoperability. ”

IFC is Standard

BuildingSMART also certified ArchiCAD, Allplan and Revit Architecture for the architectural model exchange. Having three of four certifications awarded to members of the Nemetschek Group illustrates the strong commitment the company has to their Open BIM strategy.

For more info on buildingSMART International and IFC, please visit here.

About Scia Engineer

Scia Engineer is the world’s leading integrated 3D structural and civil design software program that supports today’s BIM process. It helps streamline the engineering workflows by linking modeling, analysis, code-checking, reports and drawings in one design environment, so a change anywhere is reflected everywhere, and the program makes it easy to share files with others involved in the design and construction process. For more than 35 years, Scia Engineer has been helping engineers leverage innovative structural design technology to maximize the performance of all types of structures, from homes and high-rises to infrastructure, industrial and environmental projects.

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