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IMSI/Design Releases TurboSite 1.2

IMSI updates TurboSite to version 1.2 adds in video chat and more


IMSI/Design, a leading CAD developer and pioneer in mobile solutions for AEC and the global leader in retail CAD, has just announced the release of TurboSite version 1.2 for iPad.

Furthering Collaboration

Included in TurboSite v1.2 is a collaborative way to conduct video chat using Skype or Apple’s FaceTime. This is a first for an AEC site documentation product. This type of real-time interaction lets everyone on the design or construction team discuss critical issues in the field regardless of anyone’s location.

Designed as the ultimate field and site survey mobile app, TurboSite reinvents the way every architect, engineer and contractor will approach site visits and documentation.

TurboSite v1.2 Features Summary:

  • Skype and FaceTime video chat
  • cloud file storage support — Users signing up through Box with TurboSite will be allocated 10 GB of free storage space
  • Materials Support — 3D drawing files that have materials assigned to them can now be displayed. Material support includes color values, transparency and lights
  • AutoShape Revision Cloud — smoothly create irregular shaped revision clouds
  • New AutoShape Tools
  • Multi-Line Text — create multiple lines of text for annotative markup objects including multiline text boxes with leaders
  • HTML Publish Enhancements — support for multiple layouts
  • Markup Enhancements — more control points for markup objects
  • Text and Dimension Enhancements — 15 degree polar rotation for more precise placement
  • New DWFx Support
  • Performance optimizations and more

IMSI/Design TurboSite v1.2 for iPad has a limited time introductory price of 499.USD (regularly 999.USD) and is available now. Free TurboSite Reader v1.2 is also available now. Free TurboSite Reader contains most of the features in TurboSite, making it an excellent way to test drive the paid app for no cost. For more info, visit:

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