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Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD receives IFC Certification 2.0, Passes COBie Design Challenge Also

Graphisoft has announced some important milestones for its support of the Open BIM Movement and IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)


Graphisoft of Hungary has announced that ArchiCAD is now certified for the IFC 2×3 Coordinated View Version. ArchiCAD is among the very first to achieve this certification as of 12 March 2013 was also COBie compliant.

“It’s not enough for us to champion IFC as an open-code standard format, we strive to support our customers with reliable open collaboration workflows with other building professionals as well,” said Akos Rechtorisz, Head of the Open BIM Program at Graphisoft.

The Coordination View was the first Model View Definition developed by buildingSMART International and is currently the most widely implemented view of the IFC scheme. It’s main purpose is to allow the sharing of building information models among disciplines of architecture, structural engineering, and building services (mechanical).

01 - ArchiCAD 16. A very important thing to notice about this box shot is the presence of the OPEN BIM logo on the side of the box. The stunning library is by a Norwegian architect who utilized the Morph Tool in early stages to create those beautiful structural forms.

The COBie specification requires the support of IFC 2×3 Basic FM Handover View, an extended version of the Coordination View developed by buildingSMART. It defines general requirements for information handover to facility management. Support of COBie is important in the US as well as in the UK and all other English-speaking countries.

To learn more about Graphisoft and ArchiCAD visit them here.

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