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Fast Render LDA introduces Artlantis platform Render Farm

New Abvent subsidiary Fast Render LDA, also a subsidiary of ND 3D Image and Film, has introduced a new global render farm service exclusively for Artlantis users


Fast Render LDA is a new subsidiary of Artlantis Render maker Abvent and ND 3D Image and Film ( and is based in Lisbon, Portugal. Not surprisingly, ND 3D Image and Film is a recognized 3D studio that uses Artlantis solutions to provide top architectural visualization services around the world.

Artlantis Render Farm

Artlantis Render Farm is the only render farm in the world dedicated specifically to Abent Artlantis users. The Portugal-based company offers Artlantis users more than 300 CPUs to render animations and still images and works with both Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio in both 32 and 64-bit versions on Mac and PC.

Users simply submit a project in the login area of the site, fill out the task folder and upload archive.atl files. The rendering farm does the rest and the user then gets a link in their email to download their finished images or rendered animations.

01 - The new Artlantis Render Farm offers up to 300 CPU server power exclusively for Abvent's Artlantis users.

Users buy credits and work against an account-based credit setup. Interestingly, when you estimate your job you can choose your own CPU type and clock speed and the job’s total render time will be estimated both for your machine and the render farm.

The power of using a render farm is convincing. The company gives an example of why one should consider a render farm. If an animation sequence has 500 frames and takes 10 minutes to render each frame at HD level with radiosity it will take close to 85 hours to complete the animation. By contrast, the same animation would take only 5 hours to complete on the render farm.

02 - The system calculates comparative speeds for your Artlantis renders.

The Artlantis Render Farm also supports Artlantis 4 versions (32 and 64-bit) and it also supports the Maxwell Render engine. To learn more about the new Artlantis Render Farm go here.

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