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CameraMatch 2013 for Vectorworks 2013 now available

Panzercad updates CameraMatch to version 2013 for Vectorworks 2013


CameraMatch 2013 is now available and compatible with Vectorworks 2013. The popular and longstanding Vectorworks-add on application from Panzercad quickly enables users to accurately align 3D model views to a photograph of an actual environment, bringing “camera matching” technology–common in advanced 3d packages–into one of the world’s most popular CAD and BIM programs.

New in CameraMatch 2013

New in CameraMatch 2013, besides full compatibility with Vectorworks 2013 series products, is a new Preview Object. The Preview Object is an object shown within the CameraMatch object to aid in setting up the CameraMatch view. The object itself is made up of two vertical planes placed in reference to the Reference Target.

One plane is green and vanishes towards the left vanishing point and the second plane is red and vanishes towards the right vanishing point. (see image below). This Preview Object always displays in perspective view and provides a “live” preview as adjustments are made–making it easier to get the settings and control lines set accurately.

01 - CameraMatch 2013. Has new dual-plane Preview Object to assist in camera matchup.

Other new features include a new Control Line mode where three pairs of control lines help the user match up the Vectorworks geometry/perspective view with the photo. And CameraMatch 2013 now has separate render modes for setting/tuning views and for final renders. This allows fast modes (wireframe, hidden line, etc) to be selected for setting up and tuning views and higher quality modes for the final render.

Shadow objects can now take on the fill color given to them through the Attributes palette. This lets shadows better match the colors of shadows in the photo.

CameraMatch 2013 is an add-on extension program for Vectorworks 2013 software. There is a free educational version and you can download CameraMatch 2013 here. PanzerCAD CameraMatch 2013 starts at 120.USD for a new license. There are upgrade prices available also. To learn more visit here.

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