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Cadalog, Inc. releases Viso3D for SketchUp and the iPad

Cadalog–the makers of rendering plugin SU Podium–have announced viso3D for iPad and SketchUp. New tool helps you put your SketchUp models on the iPad for user viewing and interaction.


Just when we launched our Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects series another company announces viso3D–a very promising new iPad app that gets your SketchUp models on your iPad for viewing and exploring. We will be sure to add this app to our Modeling & Rendering Apps Guide.

viso3D – What Is It

So this new software includes a viso3d SketchUp plugin which exports your model into a .xcs file format for viewing on the free viso3d app for their Apple iPad.

The viso3d plugin converts geometry and captures texture and scene data as well as bakes  the SketchUp shadows into textures capturing the model’s shadows. The plugin works with SketchUp for Windows only. Or more correctly, the plugin is Windows only at this time. It retails for 49.USD.

viso3d on the iPad

This app is free and is currently available from the iTunes App Store. It is completely brand new so there are no reviews or rating just yet. Navigation tools include orbiting, panning, and moving forward and backward (walk thru). Other controls include turning face edges on or off and on and off of the lightmap shadows.

01 - the new viso3d for iPad is a new app and exporter plugin that allows you to bring your SketchUp models to the iPad experience.

You can send your clients the .xcs file via email and they can view your models using this free app. You can also add the file via Dropbox on the iPad or the iOS File Manager. You can download the app for free and test some sample models from the developer.

To learn more visit the developer’s site.

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