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In Brief: CadFaster asking users for help in future product through new Survey

CadFaster of Finland asks users to help them define future product strategy


The CadFaster folks are running a survey for its new and older users to help them improve their product and technology. The survey takes three minutes to complete. If you are not a CadFaster customer yet but want to participate, you can also do so by completing the survey and then emailing the company to obtain a subscription.

Survey Details

The CadFaster survey asks users what industry they are in, from architecture to engineering to construction to entertainment design. The survey is also asking about BIM and if users are using Revit, Microstation, Vectorworks or ArchiCAD. They also ask about SolidWorks and users can add in options.

Additionally, the survey asks about the use of tablets like the iPad, asking if users “actively” use BIM/CAD apps on these devices. Key options include things like AutoCAD WS, Autodesk 360, CadFaster, BIMx, Vectorworks Nomad, eDrawings, vueCAD, TurboReview and more.

The Cloud in CAD/BIM

The survey highlights the importance the cloud is now playing in the CAD and BIM markets. Asking users if they have a need to share 3D models or not with others, the importance of the cloud is highlighted as placing models in the cloud for others to participate with via markup, review or just visualization is noted. File sharing services in the cloud like Dropbox or Box are increasingly key.

For Mac users the survey ask the question “how useful would the following features be for you” and one of the choices is Mac OS X app. There is currently no native version on the desktop for Mac OS X while it exist for the PC. However, CadFaster works on the iPad and the Apple device is a key part of the company’s overall strategy in mobile.

To take the survey go here.

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