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Autodesk introduces new logo and branding at TED

Autodesk rebrands…at TED


[Edit. Note: We updated this story on 22 April 2013.]

Autodesk today introduced its new Autodesk branding at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California. Chris Bradshaw, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Autodesk explained the move on In the Fold, the official Autodesk news and opinion blog.

Bradshaw writes that the new logomark is not just a surface change but reflects how the CAD giant has been evolving and how they see themselves in the market.

01 - New Autodesk logomark signals biggest change in branding in 30 year history.

He writes that Autodesk evolved from a desktop CAD company to a cloud and mobile software company with expanded product portfolios in engineering, entertainment and design and the new hobbyist maker market. Autodesk entertainment software has been used in the last 18 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects and its new 360 Brand cloud-based services are already subscribed by more than 15 million customers.

This new branding mark represents the biggest visual branding change in the company’s 30 year history and returns a logomark in combination with the Autodesk name for the first time in more than a decade.


Since we first wrote this story we hadn’t yet seen or perhaps it wasn’t yet launched, but Autodesk also has a brand new website design–and it’s exceptional. We mentioned that we thought it was quite beautiful on our Architosh Facebook page several days ago. But we thought we would let you know from here as well.

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