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IMSI announces TurboSite v1.1 for Apple iPad

IMSI / Design announces TurboSite v1.1…latest update comes quickly and offers much!


IMSI/Design, a leading CAD and 3D software company and a pioneer in CAD mobile solutions, today announced TurboSite version 1.1 for Apple’s iPad.

Included in TurboSite 1.1 for iPad are AutoShapes, an intuitive way to draw accurate geometry with simple gestures. “AutoShapes are the first gesture-based way to draw in a mobile AEC app,” said Royal Farros, CEO of IMSI/Design. “We think AutoShapes are another good example of the type of tools needed for the new mobile platform.”

01 - TurboSite v1.1 by IMSI Design features innovative gesture-based drawing technology. Works on Apple iPad.

Also included in TurboSite 1.1 is HTML reporting. Data recorded in the field can now auto-generate HTML based reports, letting all OS platforms view rich TurboSite data, including Android and Surface tablets and desktop computers.

IMSI/Design says that TurboSite 1.1 was conceived as the ultimate field and site survey mobile app, the program aims to reinvent the ways that architects, engineers and contractors will approach site visits and documentation.

TurboSite 1.1 – What’s Inside

  • AutoShapes technology — draw rough shapes with your fingers and TurboSite will automatically refine to accurate circles, rectangles and orthogonal lines
  • HTML Reporting — Send TurboSite reports to any platform that supports HTML or web browsing, including desktops
  • AutoCAD 2013 DWG support
  • Geo-located DWG support. GeoWalk now automatically reads GPS coordinates in DWG files
  • Dropbox Support
  • Enhanced GPS Support — Specify drawing unit settings for more accurate location
  • Improved DWF support
  • Units setting for architectural, metric, and decimal display measurements
  • Enhanced 3D PDF (U3D) support
  • A variety of performance optimizations and a lot more..

“We are kicking out our first major update to TurboSite in just over two months,” added Farros, CEO of IMSI/Design. “We intend to be quite aggressive on the TurboSite development front for some time to come.”

02 - TurboSite v1.1 by IMSI Design offers innovative gesture-based drawing technology. Here is another view of the UI.

TurboSite v1.1 for iPad has a limited time introductory price of 499.USD (regularly 999.USD) and is available now. Free TurboSite Reader v1.1 is also available now. Free TurboSite Reader contains most of the features of TurboSite, making it an excellent way to test drive the paid app.

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