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Rhino 5 is out on Windows

Rhino 5 is now out with thousands of improvements, Mac users will need to still wait


McNeel and Associates says there are actually around 3,500 enhancements in Rhino 5, which was recently released officially on the Windows platform. The Mac release is still underway but  a current working public beta is available.

Five years in the making, Rhino 5 addresses one overriding goal–removing as many workflow bottlenecks as possible. The new Rhino 5 is faster and more powerful and can handle much larger models thanks to a new 64-bit architecture. The new Rhino 5 contains items like new double-precision meshes and new lightweight extrusion objects to save significant memory and improve display speed.

01 - Rhino 5 is shipping after many years of development. Mac version is still under development.

Rhino 5’s new and enhanced features touch on everything from modeling, editing, the user interface, display, rendering, drafting and printing, digital fabrication tools, mesh tools, large project support, better compatibility and more. Some key highlights:


  • Modeling – Rhino 5 features dozens of new modeling improvements, like ArcBlend, DraftAngle Point and more…
  • New direct sub-object manipulation, history support expanded for more commands
  • New Tabbed Docking Panels in the UI
  • New display modes like the new Technical, Artistic and Pen
  • Rendering improvements with new post-rendering image processing tools
  • New mesh tools
  • Enhanced graphic co-processor support
  • Nine new import/export file formats
  • Updated openNURBS libraries
  • More and enhanced developer tools
  • Open-sourced Rhino development tools, including 3DM viewer on iOS

While these are just a few of the thousands of improvements, those users who want to know more about an upcoming Rhino 5 on OS X will need to get involved with the free development version. To learn more about Rhino 5 for Windows go here.

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