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AutoCAD WS updated to version 1.6

Meet AutoCAD WS 1.6: Mobile Drawing and Editing Simplified


Autodesk recently announced a new version of its mobile app, AutoCAD WS 1.6. In this latest release the CAD software giant focused on improving the experience of drawing and editing. The heart of the new update is a new gesture-based set of editing features, allowing grips and handles to be used to move, scale, and rotate objects.

Autodesk has also made modifications to some of the drawing tools in an effort to streamline and speed up processes. AutoCAD WS 1.6 also adds support for Apple’s latest iPhone 5 and delivers improved performance across the board.

AutoCAD WS 1.6 enables you to view, edit and share AutoCAD drawings with anyone, anywhere using your mobile device and the Web. It runs on Apple iOS devices and Google Android devices.

01 - A screen view of the updated AutoCAD WS 1.6 on iPad.

Apple users can download AutoCAD WS 1.6 for free from the App Store. To learn more visit here, at the AutoCAD WS Blog

Architosh Analysis

Autodesk has continued to make good progress with this mobile application. The additional editing functionality is a nice add and the rotation of objects is very nicely implemented.

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