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e-on Software announces Vue 11 product line

Vue 11 is coming this month and promises extensive new features…


e-on Software has announced the unveiling of the upcoming Vue 11 product line. Key new features include faster rendering, illumination caching, terrain and EcoPainter improvements, 360 degree population, interactive EcoSystem population, as well as EcoParticles, e-on software’s revolutionary approach to particles.

With EcoParticles, users can do all the standard stuff that particles are good at, but they can also do a lot more. Rather than creating simple emitters, and having particles grow out of them, e-on software designed a new way of handling particles that is specifically well suited for Digital Nature.

Short List of New Features

  • EcoParticles
  • EcoParticles as EcoSystems
  • EcoParticles Effectors
  • Automatic Weather Effects – Rain or Snow
  • EcoPainter Improvements
  • Customizable EcoPainter Brushes
  • EcoSystem Fast Population
  • EcoSystem 360 degree Population
  • Faster Rendering Speed
  • Illumination Caching

Other key improvements include shared material layers, Nitrous accelerated graphics core support in 3ds Max, support for the latest releases of the Autodesk 2013 products and CINEMA 4D R14 and more.

Pre-Release Information

e-on software expects the release of the Vue 11 product line this month (November, 2012). The Vue 11 product line is built around the same three-tiered structure:

  • Vue 11 for CG Professionals — Vue Infinite and Vue xStream
  • Vue 11 for 3D Artists — Vue Esprit, Vue Studio and Vue Complete
  • Vue 11 for 3D Enthusiasts– Vue Pioneer and Theme-Packs, and Vue Frontier

Vue 11 is available free of charge for all users under maintenance. Users of Vue 10 who are not under maintenance and wish to advance to Vue 11 should purchase maintenance today (they will receive Vue 11 and the following upgrades free of charge for one year).

Vue is available on Windows and Mac.

For more details on the Vue 11 product line please visit:

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