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Graphisoft updates BIMx announces 100k downloads

Graphisoft updates BIMx and announces 100k downloads


Graphisoft, the makers of the award-winning and market leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, today announced an important update to BIMx, their iOS and Android BIM app plus the announcement of over 100,00o downloads.

BIMx Update

BIMx is an interactive 3D software environment for exploring BIM models without holding a license to the professional BIM software which authored the building. BIMx helps get the building design and data into the hands of more stakeholders.

New features in the latest update include:

  • Gallery — this function allows users to define views and navigational routes and from these defined points, one can freely walk-through the model
  • Guided Navigation — restricts navigation of the model to those views previously saved in the Gallery

Graphisoft has an BIMx community on Facebook, which acts as a hub for sharing interactive 3D building models. Architects holding a BIMx license–either commercial or educational–can publish their models directly to this online community.

01 - Graphisoft BIMx, a new Apple iOS app running here on an iPad. The application runs incredibly smoothly and features nice gesture integration.


Graphisoft has also announced that there has been over 100,000 downloads of BIMx in Apple’s App Store. This says nothing about its Android version downloads. The latest version is available on both iOS and Android platforms, including the Mac and Windows platforms for the desktop version.

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